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The £1,000 Mobile Phone – Editorial – Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone 8?


The Samsung Galaxy S8 or Apple iPhone 8 are rumoured to be available with a configuration costing £1,000 or more. Is this a surprise? No, as the current iPhone 7 Plus costs £919 in its 256gb storage configuration.

So with the Google Pixel and other phones leaping ahead in price, would Samsung be bold enough to ask £1,000 for a high storage Samsung Galaxy S8+? Probably yes. I also think Apple will bring out a phone that costs more than £1,000.

So really my next question, is any phone worth £1,000? In reality, no, but in real life people that want the very best or want to be seen with a particular brand will also pay the higher amount.

The problem though is the budget and mid market phones are getting better and better, to the point whereby high end flagship will start to feel the pressure.

If Samsung want over £800 for its top end flagship, would you spend this amount of money?

Photo Source – @evleaks

My 1,000th Post – new milestone reached

This post is officially the 1,000th post/article on my website http://www.gavinsgadgets.co.uk . It is difficult to believe that since starting this in December 2012 that I now have reached this position.

I am also grateful for the 60,000 people from over 150 countries that read my posts and opinions.

It is also an advert free place to come and read and comment.

So thank you and here’s to the next 1,000 articles.