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Razer Opus Headphones review – THX Certified ANC Bluetooth Headphones

Welcome to my review of the Razer Opus Headphones. These are THX Certified headphones with active noise cancellation and retail for £199.

Key Features

– THX® Certified Headphones
– Advanced active noise cancellation (ANC) technology
– Engineered for comfort
– Quick Attention Mode
– Auto Pause/Auto Play
– Drivers: 2 x 40mm dynamic drivers
– Weight: 265g
– Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
– Microphones: 4 for hybrid active noise cancellation technology, 2 for voice chat
– Wearing style: Circumaural
– What’s inside: Headset, premium carry case, airplane adapter, 1.5m length 3.5mm analog cable, 30cm length USB-C to USB-C cable, USB-A to USB-C adapter
– Battery life: Up to 25 hours
– Bluetooth® Codecs: AAC & APTX, 4.2, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP

THX has created a headphone certification program to further define premium sound quality in the personal entertainment space. Developed to provide a reference headphone listening experience, the THX Headphone Certification Program gives special attention to frequency response, low distortion, and exceptional noise isolation.

Headphones are tuned to ensure high frequencies, vocals, and bass levels are well balanced. This ensures dialogue in movies and vocals in music are clear, while maintaining deep, impactful bass output that doesn’t overpower the listening experience.

THX makes sure your headphones can easily playback high-resolution content at increased volumes without introducing unwanted distortion artifacts.

Video Review


A surprising pair of headphones from Razer. Lovely balanced sound, good looking and reasonably priced.

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HiFiMan Deva Headphones Review – Bluetooth, Wired or USB

Welcome to my review of the HiFiMan Deva. The headphones retail for £299.

The HiFiMan Deva are a terrific value headphone. Featuring HiFiMan’s legendary planar magnetic drivers, with a 3.5mm balanced cable as the traditional way of connecting these to your amp or portable music player.

Then there is the bluetooth “Bluemini” module that clips on to the Deva headphones that enables connection over bluetooth with all the Hi-Res bluetooth codecs from APT-X HD and LDAC. If that wasn’t enough, you can use the BlueMini and connect via USB. To find out more of my thoughts on the HiFiMan Deva watch my video review below.

Video Review


A versatile headphone with super sounds. 3 different ways to connect to your music is a winner.

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HiFiMan Jade II Electrostatic Headphones Review

Welcome to my review of the HiFiMan Jade 2 Electrostatic headphones and amp combo. The combined retail price of the headphones and amp are $2,500, but these can be bought separately.

Key Features/Specifications

– Electrostatic speed and details that reach each from the deepest lows all the way to 90KHz
– Nanotech Driver that is less than 0.001mm
– Nano Particle thick dust cover for near perfect sound transmission
– Open-Back Design for an expanded, more intimately enveloping sound stage with natural sonics that place the listener in the best seat in the house.
– Frequency Response : 7Hz-90kHz
– Bias Voltage : 550V-650V
– Weight : 365g (12.9oz)
Amplifier :
– Weight : 6.5kg (14.3lb)

Music tracks used for this review along with my thoughts.

Florian Christel, Encore– classical genre, great timbre. Piano feels as the keys being pressed in front of you , timing is fast & energetic

Ola Gjeilo , Luminous Night – voices are superb with a beautiful tone.

Bach Sonata for Viola da Gamba & Harpsichord No. 3 in G Minor – loved the entire presentation and instrument separation.

Bee Gees, Heart like Mine , vocals are heavenly, picked up tone of the artists so well.

Sarah McLachlan, Ice – her voice & guitar. again picks up her lovely tone and guitar So moving.

Jewel, Enter from the East – pick up the nuances in the tracks. Little details. I could listen to this track so many times.

Bruce Springsteen, Paradise – the husky vocals/voice really well produced.

Lucinda Williams , You can’t rule me – feels like the amp could do with more power, bit harsh on the vocals.

Dua Lipa , Hallucinate, good mid bass, lacking sub bass.

Video Review


Expressive, delightful sounding electrostatic headphones which would benefit from an even more powerful electrostatic amp.

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HiFiMan RE-400c vs RE-600s v2 Earphones – Review & Comparison

Welcome to my review of two IEMs from HiFiMan. The RE-400c and the RE-600s v2. The RRP of the earphones are $99 and $199 respectively.

The Key Features

– Analogue Type C
– 15hz to 22khz
– 32 ohm

– 3.5mm
– 8.5mm driver
– 15hz to 22kHz
– 102db
– 16 ohm
– Composite cable

This is the first pair of in ear earphones that I have heard from HiFiMan, and there sound signature is different to other headphones that I have listened to. Watch my full video review to find out more.


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iFi Audio hip dac review – a fantastic portable headphone amp dac with MQA support

Welcome to my review of the iFi Audio hip dac . The iFi Audio hip dac retails for £149.

The Key Features and Specifications

– Portable, slim design with up to 12 hrs of battery life and a slim.
– Hi resolution audio support including Spotify, Tidal MQA to MP3. Play any high res audio format with native digital to analogue conversion so you can listen to any song the way the original recording was intended.
– Powerful amp ideal for in ear monitors or over the ear headphones with 400 mW max power output from the on-board amplifier via the 3.5mm headphone socket or 700mW via the 4.4mm balanced.
– Connects via USB, works with iPhone with Apple Camera Kit
– Power Match and XBass offer adjustable analogue enhancements to customise your listening experience without compromising the digital conversion
– USB C and USB Type A


iFi Audio history. iFi Audio was born in 2012 to produce ultra-fidelity audio products that push the sonic envelope whilst still priced within the mainstream. iFi audio is now under parent company AMR (Abbingdon Music Research), which designs and produces top-end luxurious audio products. AMR saw in 2010 that customer demand for wireless and portable headphones was expanding as the whole audio dynamic was changing. Thus, iFi Audio was launched.

The iFi Audio hip dac smart stuff. The DAC section is based around a Burr-Brown DAC chip that provides a lovely fluid, highly musical sound quality and also true native architecture. iFi Audio have then desgined their own circuitry. This means you get bit perfect PCM, native DSD and MQA. Hi-res PCM and DXD audio data is supported at sampling rates up to 384kHz, alongside DSD from 2.8MHz to 12.4MHz (DSD64, 128 and 256). Thanks to the Burr Brown chip’s True Native design, PCM and DSD take separate pathways – this enables both PCM and DSD to remain bit perfect in their native form right through to analogue conversion.

There are two USB ports – USB Type A for audio data and USB-C for charging. The USB Type A input features a male connector, rather than a typical female port. This provides greater mechanical integrity than USB/Micro USB ports.. This is an advantage for iPhone and iPad users, because it accepts Apple’s Lightning to USB Camera Adaptor directly without requiring an additional female-to-male USB adaptor, as shown in my video review. The optional bass boost enhances low frequencies without muddying the mid range, and is particularly useful with earphones and open-back headphones that may lack deep bass. It operates entirely in the analogue domain rather than messing with the digital signal via DSP.

Sound quality. For this review I used a range of headphones including the Focal Elear, Sennheiser HD599, AKG K371 and Fiio FA7. I also tested the 4.4mm balanced using the Fiio FA7 with the Fiio 4.4mm headphone cable. iFi Audio recommend activating the PowerMatch for over ear headphones. So for this review all my over the ear headphones had this activated. When using my Fiio FA7 IEMs this was turned off.

Genres. All genres were tested from electronic, jazz, blues, classical, pop, rock and alternative. I spent hours and hours testing the hip dac including a 10 hour burn in before listening to it. All the over ear headphones were driven with ease, scale and presence. The XBass feature is great to use, but there is already IMO enough drama without having to use it. However, my AKG K371 headphones just loved the XBass being on and transformed from being a fairly accurate sounding headphone to a Tyrannosaurus Rex. OMG what a chalk and cheese difference and for the better. The Burr Brown chipset provides a lovely musical presentation, slightly warm, but with plenty of scale, drama, soundstage across all genres. And speed too. The 4,4mm balanced output added a little hiss with my Fiio FA7. This hiss was not present using the 3.5mm option. So ultra sensitive IEMs are best used with the 3.5mm jack which is extremely powerful in its own right.

Video Review


The iFi Audio is a fantastic compact headphone amp dac and highly recommended and one of my favourite amp/dacs!

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Jabra Elite 75t review vs AirPods Pro

Welcome to my review of the Jabra Elite 75t.

The Key Features

– Compact new shape, tested for secure fit
– 4-Mic call technology for superior call quality wherever you are, even in noisy and windy environments
– More power, more freedom, with more than 7.5 hours of battery and a total of 28 with charging case
– Make your music sound exactly the way you want it to, with a customisable equaliser, available in the Jabra Sound+ app
– Durability guaranteed, with IP55-rated protection and a 2-year warranty against dust and water
– 7.5 hours battery life extended to 28 hours with case
– USB C charging on case
– Full range of controls on earbuds



The Jabra Elite 75t are the best true wireless earbuds I have tested. 9.5/10. Highly recommended.

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Beats Solo Pro Review by an Audiophile

Welcome to my review of the Beats Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling headphones.

Key Features

– Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) blocks external noise
– Beats’ Pure ANC adjusts to external noise and fit while preserving sound quality
– Transparency helps you stay aware of your surroundings while listening
– Up to 22 hours of listening time (up to 40 hours with ANC and Transparency turned off)
– With Fast Fuel, a 10-minute charge gives 3 hours of playback when the battery is low
– Intuitively designed to power on and off when you unfold and fold them
– Ergonomically designed for optimal comfort and extended wear



8.0/10 scoring. The Beats Solo Pro improve upon the previous versions in almost every way to end up with a solid offering available in many colours. You are paying for the brand within the pricing but then you do get tight integration into the iOS and Apple ecosystem.

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AirPods Pro Review vs Sony WF-1000XM3

Welcome to my review of Apple’s AirPods Pro.

Key Features & Specifications

– Active Noise cancellation for immersive sound
– Transparency mode for hearing and connecting with the world around you
– Three sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips for a customisable fit
– Sweat and water resistant
– Adaptive EQ automatically tunes music to the shape of your ear
– Easy setup for all your Apple devices
– Quick access to Siri by saying “Hey Siri”
– The wireless charging case delivers more than 24 hours of battery life

Review & Comparison


9/10 for the AirPods Pro. Apple have delivered noise cancelling true wireless earphones in a really tiny package which when coupled with the software integration into the iOS eco system make these a great product. Highly recommended.

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Huawei FreeBuds 3 – The Ultimate Wireless Earphones Review & Comparison vs AirPods v2

Welcome to my review on the Huawei FreeBuds 3.

The Huawei FreeBuds 3 are a True Wireless Stereo Earbuds powered by Huawei’s proprietary Kirin A1 chip. FreeBuds 3 are the world’s 1st open-fit active noise cancellation wireless earphone.

They also are the world’s first BT 5.1 & BLE 5.1 wearable chip, Kirin A1 ensures that FreeBuds 3 is unmatched for stability and ease of connectivity.

My review includes the following –

– a 16 min detailed review and comparison with the AirPods v2
– wind mic audio test and comparison with the AirPods v2
– a look at the companion app
– ALL the high tech explained simply


Incredible tech in such a tiny package. Highly recommended.

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Dali iO-6 Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Review – new headphones from high end audio company Dali

The Dali iO is luxurious wireless headphones – designed and developed in Denmark. With class-leading battery time, audio comfort and sound performance.

DALI, Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries, grew out of Scandinavia’s leading audio retail chain in 1983. Dalie strive to create loudspeakers with outstanding performance and “natural sound” at competitive prices.

In 2019, DALI offers an exciting range of speakers to suit every taste from the cost-conscious SPEKTOR series to the high-performance speaker EPICON 8. Dali has over one million satisfied customers in more than 70 countries.

A key contributing factor to DALI’s superiority is exclusive DALI driver units designed and developed from scratch by their Danish engineers and produced in their own controlled facilities. With their unique driver technologies they are able to design and build speaker systems that makes it possible for listeners to hear their favourite music exactly as the artists intended.

So the Dali iO continues its tradition with a wireless headphone that is built for extended listening with a comfortable, durable design and a natural transparent sound that never tires.

Dali have released the i04 and i06. The i06 have active noise cancellation and retail for around 399 euros. I have already reviewed the Dali iO-4 headphones. Clickhere.

What is really interesting about the new headphones, is that Dali didn’t go and re badge a Chinese headphone, they designed, built and manufactured everything from scratch. The headphones are in essence a Dali loudspeaker, miniaturised on the ear. What they did do, was buy Sony’s noise cancellation tech for the i06. So you actually have the best of both worlds with this version.

So what is my verdict on these new headphones? Go take a look now!

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