iFi hip-dac2 review

Welcome to my review of the ifi hip-dac2 which retails for £189.

Key Features / Specs

  • 6-8 hrs of battery life
  • Hi-Res Certified – From Spotify to Tidal MQA to MP3 and more,
  • Powerful Amplifier – 400 mW max power output from the on-board amplifier
  • Connectivity – Connects directly to your smartphone with the USB Input, and works with balanced 4.4mm or S-Balanced 3.5mm headphone plugs
  • Upgraded – The hip-dac2 has been upgraded to give you an even more pleasurable portable audio experience, it now is a full MQA decoder and has an upgraded GMT Clock.

Video Review

My review below includes a full comparison of the hip-dac vs hip-dac2, comparisons with other DACs including the ifi go blu and ZEN DAC v2, sound quality with a variety of headphones and much more.


The new ifi hip-dac2 is a dynamite piece of kit. Highly recommended 9.1/10.

Useful Links

More info on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/iFi-hip-dac2-Headphone-Amplifier-Unbalanced/dp/B09H39FCTH

More info on ifi Audio https://ifi-audio.com/products/hip-dac2/


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