iFi ZEN Stream review

Welcome to my review of the iFi ZEN Stream that retails for £399. The ZEN Stream is a network audio transport, focused around maintaining audio quality.

In terms of connections this is done via WiFi or Ethernet. It has quite a number of options which are covered off in my video review.

The Key Features

The ZEN Stream allows you to add network streaming to your existing system. Outputs via USB 3.0 or SPDIF/Optical. Supports up to 384kHz PCM, DSD256 and MQA. Firmware upgradeable keeps it future proof. Likely extra functionality will be added. Supports a ton of services from Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz, YouTube Music, AirPlay, DLNA, Roon and many more.

There’s lots to talk about, so watch my video, which covers everything from what’s in the box, closer inspection of all the hardware and functionality, how to setup and ultimately the quality and verdict.


The iFi ZEN Stream is a fantastic product, worthy of its highly recommended award. 9.2/10.

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