iFi ZEN Blue V2 review

Welcome to my review of the iFi ZEN Blue V2 which retails for £159.

The Key Features

The ZEN Blue V2 features easy Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity using the latest Qualcomm 5100 series Bluetooth. Codecs supported are SBC, AAC, LDAC, HWA, LHDC, apt X and apt X HD. That’s CD quality up to 24bits/192kHz from AAC and apt X HD.

Analogue outputs are either RCA or 4.4mm, digital is either coaxial or optical. Or even SPDIF.

So what’s new with V2. Upgraded jitter clock with over 20db performance, improved aerial with 80% more reach and lots more.

To learn more, watch the video covering all aspects of the ZEN Blue V2.

Video Review


The ZEN Blue V2 is a simple to operate, yet highly effective high quality device. Highly recommended. 9.3/10

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