HiFiMan HE-R10P review

Welcome to my review of the HiFiMan HE-R10P which retail for $5,499.

Key Features

  • Frequency response 10Hz – 60Hz
  • Impedance 30 ohm
  • Sensitivity 100db
  • Socket 3.5mm balanced
  • Weight 460g

The HE-10P are the planar magnetic version of the HE-10 range which includes a dynamic driver version, the HE-10D. My review of the HE-10D will follow tomorrow, and the day after that will features a comparison between the two of them.

The HE-10P feature large wooden ear cups which allow for sufficient breathing space and volume for the music to shine. The true nano thickness diaphragm also has a sub micro thickness coating. Finally, they are carved by CNC from wood and aviation aluminium.

The headphones come in a beautiful box with 3 high quality cables.

  • 1.5 metre 3.5mm cable
  • 3 metre XLR balanced cable
  • 3 metre 1/4 inch cable

Music tracks used to test the headphones included –

  • Roxy Music – True to Life (Remastered)
  • Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life
  • Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy (2012 Mix Master)
  • Eric Clapton – Layla (Acoustic Live at MTV Unplugged)
  • Axel F – From Beverly Hills Cop
  • Natalie Merchant – Ophelia
  • CeeLo Green – Bright Lights Bigger City
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan – Tin Pan Alley
  • K.D. Lang – Constant Craving 
  • Nigel Kennedy – The New Four Seasons
  • Hans Zimmer – Mountains 

Video Review


The HiFiMan HE-R10P are an outstanding closed back headphone from HiFiMan that are easy to drive and sound terrific. Highly recommended 9.4/10.

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