Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Headphones review in 2021

Welcome to my review of the infamous Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro which retail for anywhere between £400 to £600. The price varies depending on stock availability versus demand.

Key Features

  • Circumaural headphones for high-end studio use
  • 250-Ohm, 45-mm dynamic Tesla neodymium driver, Nominal sound pressure level: 102 dBSPL (1mW/500Hz)
  • Single-sided, detachable cable with mini-XLR connector. Frequency Response : 5 Hz – 40,000 Hz
  • Soft, replaceable ear pads and headband for long, drawn-out studio sessions

Video Review


In 2021, the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro headphones are a beast of a headphone, that deliver knockout sound and rock solid build quality. Highly recommended 9.7/10.


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