LG V50 Thinq – First Camera samples from the triple rear cameras

The LG V50 Thinq features 3 rear lenses and 2 lenses on the front providing superb flexibility.

Above and below are sample photos from the camera.

The main rear lens has a f stop of f/1.5 providing excellent natural bokeh.

This also means the lens is fast enough to freeze motion.

Excellent detail is also possible as you can see from the bee above.

Colours are pretty good too.

The ultra wide lens is 107°. Not as wide as the Samsung Galaxy S10 at 130°, but definitely wide enough. I was able to capture the above house without needing to step too far back.

The LG V50 Thinq also captures the mood of the weather pretty well !

So there you have it, the first camera samples from the LG V50. My camera and audio reviews for the phone are coming soon as well as my review for the LG Dual Screen accessory for the LG V50 Thinq.


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