This is the Perfect Smartphone – Finally!

Own up, who wants the perfect smartphone? Will manufacturers ever give us the perfect smartphone? Unlikely, as they need you to buy the newer model. But putting that aside and after testing 100s of smartphones, I have come to my conclusion what makes the perfect smartphone.

Let’s break it down into categories –

Screen Quality and Size

Let’s get real, a QHD display is fantastic, but for a mobile device, a decent 1080p OLED panel is all that is required. With minimal bezels, a 6.5 inch screen size is perfect.


Whilst under screen fingerprint sensors are getting really good now, nothing is a good or versatile as Face ID from the iPhone. Yes, it has a notch, but it works really well, fast and even in the dark. It enables fantastic animojis to. However, what would define this technology, would be having no notch, but with the cameras hidden beneath the display.


It’s time all phones had a 4,000mAh battery. Such are the demands we put on our phones, this should be the minimum. All day battery, should mean all day! Fast charging should also be available using USB C and with a universal fast charge system and not some proprietary one that requires a special cable and plug. So long as the phone had a 4,000mAh battery the fast charge speed is not that important. Qi Wireless charging and reverse Qi charging. This is a must. Just makes life so simple. I have the Samsung Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Active Watch. All Qi chargeable. And couple this to a Qi enabled phone, and life is a dream when it comes to charging all the gadgets. All devices should be USB C.

Fluidity and UI

More 90hz screens will appear this year, and this is definitely the way to go. Smooth scrolling, lag free too. If you could take the best aspects of an iPhone with a Oneplus 7 Pro, that’s the g spot. Top of the line processors for speed, camera, multimedia performance/gaming and battery optimisations. 8gb ram to back this all up.


Quality over gimmicks. Pixel photo quality. But with more rear lenses. Ultra wide and 3 x optical zoom is all everyone needs, plus excellent macro. Panoramic shots need to be high quality as well as a good night mode. Night mode does not mean turn night in daylight. That is overkill. Video quality needs to be ultra stable right up to 4K 60fps and with exceptional audio quality on video.


Whilst companies are removing the 3.5mm headphone jack, this is so they can make more money with their bluetooth offerings. So every phone should have a 3.5mm jack, with the quality from the LG G or V series. Bluetooth 5 should be present too with all the high quality codecs.


Excellent cellular and wireless. WiFi Calling and VoLTE too.


256gb storage on all phones. Memory is cheap enough now. Optional 1TB.


Who cares, once a case is fitted, it could be black with pink spots. What does matter is having IP68 or better and some resistance to damage from accidental drops.

So what makes your perfect phone?


2 thoughts on “This is the Perfect Smartphone – Finally!

  1. Hi Gavin,
    Personally, I see hardware as a definite prerequisite to a great smartphone but a good stable operating system goes a long way in making a particular phone a keeper.
    Couple this with a company that continues to support the phone and it’s OS throughout the ownership and deliver concrete security.
    With that I keep a few but the one I always drop back to for reliability, security and the wealth of great Apps is the iPhone; and in my case the XS Max.
    This is going to be even more so when iOS 13 hits the streets. That OS is going to open up the entire Apple iOS line up; including the soon to be released iPadOS and it’s connection with MacOS.

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