Honor View 20 – 10 Part Review after 1 Month + Camera Showcase + Camera Deep Dive + Audio Review

As a reviewer of smartphones and gadgets, I am privileged to use a significant number of phones across a number of different manufacturers.

The Honor View 20 is a phone that has surpassed all my expectations. Here’s why.

Main Review

First up, full disclosure. Honor provided me with a loan device for the purpose of this review. After the loan period, I enjoyed the phone so much I bought my own View 20 in phantom blue. Some of you will know that I have a Pixel 3 XL. I have now sold this and will be replacing it with my own Honor View 20. That’s how impressed I am with this phone!

So below are the key aspects of the Honor View 20 that have stood out for me.

Battery – In real daily use the battery life whether on wifi or 4g is astonishing. Today, I am likely to end with around 9 hours screen on time from coming off charge at 6.00am this morning. I have watched a movie on it, streamed from Netflix, streamed Tidal MQA Master quality audio into a USB DAC ( iFi Audio xDSD ) , messaged, browsed, played games and so much more. The fact it comes with a super charger plug which gives 50% recharging in 30 mins is really the icing on the cake. Compared to my Pixel 3 XL, the Honor View 20 totally crushes it. The Pixel 3 XL would only manage 4 hours screen on time.

Signal strength – whether on wifi, cellular, GPS or bluetooth, the phone just has remarkable coverage. This is likely due to the 3 bands for wifi and the double GPS signal system. Bluetooth is the latest version 5, with LDAC Hi-Res Codec support. Wifi calling all works a treat.

Screen. It’s a big 6.4 inch IPS screen that nearly goes edge to edge. That’s is what is feel like when watching YouTube or movies that fill the entire screen with just a hole punch for the front camera. Face unlock works instantly as does the rear fingerprint sensor.

Cameras. These are amazing. The rear cameras consist of a 48mp and 3D Time of Flight Sensor. The front camera is 25mp. My dedicated camera review is below. I have been out several times and taken shots with my Pixel 3 XL and Honor View 20. I then did a blind viewing with several people and 75% of the time, the View 20 was the winner. I subsequently have done more tests and ended up preferring the Honor View 20 shots. Add to the fact the diversity of camera modes makes this one blockbuster of a phone for taking pictures. Even the video is good especially at 1080p with all the Video AI modes.

Audio. The Honor View 20 has a 3.5mm headphone jack and its really good. Here’s why and more on the audio aspects of the phone.

Other features – It is great for making actual phone calls. It has an infra red blaster, great for adjusting the volume on my TV.

Price. It costs £499 for the 128gb version and £579 for the 256gb version. Link at end to Amazon where you can currently order and get a free Honor Watch Magic smartwatch. The Honor Watch Magic is worth around £155. When you think that Apple charge £1,149 for their 256gb iPhone XS Max, that’s a huge difference.

Camera Samples

The above shot was taken using the Aperture mode which allows post photo to adjust the focus point and blur from f/0.95 to f/16.

The above traffic trails light painting mode is so easy to use. For this a tripod is needed or a firm surface. This mode is built in to the default camera app.

The above is a hand held night mode. No tripod needed.

Main Video Review

Additional Articles on the Honor View 20

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Honor View 20 – Check out these battery stats


This phone sits at the top of my tree for recommendations. The sum of its parts creates a superb user experience.

Available from Amazon UK


10 thoughts on “Honor View 20 – 10 Part Review after 1 Month + Camera Showcase + Camera Deep Dive + Audio Review

  1. I think Honor seem to be on a roll and watching your recent Honor reviews seem to confirm this. Last week my wife purchased the Honor 8X. The face unlock and fingerprint unlocking is excellent. The camera on this upper mid range phone is excellent. Certainly a company to watch.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HI, Gavin, as usual a brilliant overall take on the phone, I got the blue version, i like it, but what are the updates


    1. There has been one update. I got the phantom blue this morning and got a software update. You need a sim card in to receive them. Build 125 with 1st Jan 2019 security. This adds extra mode in camera. 48 MP AI clarity


  3. like checking if there is an update, yes i have been doing it, i contacted honor india and they said, they have released the update, but i havent got it, is there any way to force it


    1. Did you give Honor India you IMEI number so they could check it has been released for your phone? Also, you need a sim card in the phone for any update to appear. You can try going into settings, check for updates to see if that manually triggers it. Another option you could try is borrowing a different network sim card and putting it in your phone and see if update gets triggered that way. It will arrive if its been released though. Might take a week or two, but I would check with Honor India re your phones IMEI.


      1. Futher to this, I got the device replaced and on replaced device update shows almost instantly after first setup. Replacement for various bugs, and not for the update. Bugs included proximity sensor acting up, lagging, but the new one is perfect

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