Apple and Microsoft Office now working together!!

At Apple’s June 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference Apple announced that Microsoft will be bringing their suit off apps to the Mac App Store and finally in January 2019 they are now available to download today from the Mac App Store and on your iOS device.
In the UK and other countries around the world people started to see this pop up in the iOS app store.

From Office 365 App screen,

“We are proud to announce that Microsoft Office 365 is now on the Mac App Store. Your subscription to Office 365 gives you access to all functions on all platforms. To subscribe, sign up for any Office Suite app and update your subscription. Discover all the apps in the suite, and start creating and collaborating!”

Currently Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint are available to download to start your creativity and productivity on all your Apple devices.

Like Office 365 on other devices this will require further subscriptions to unlock the full ranges of features but will receive basic modes on all applications.

When looking on the UK Mac App Store their subscription prices are as follows,

Office 365 Personal – £59.99
Office 365 Home – £79.99
Office 365 Solo – £112.99

Post by Ricky West


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