Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 review + 15 reasons why it crushes the iPad Pro 2018

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is one of the best android tablets available, and this in my review which incorporates 15 reasons why it crushes the iPad Pro 2018.

In fact the Tab S4 is probably the only decent android tablet available, but it actually is far more capable, thanks to all the Samsung tweaks.

Key Features

– 10.5 inch OLED screen
– 4gb ram, 64gb storage plus micro SD card support
– 481g weight
– Slim bezel and no home key for a more immersive display
– True-to-life sound experience with auto rotate stereo and AKG tuned louder output
– A more immersive game environment with Game Launcher with the most famous and consumed games preloaded
– Adaptive Fast Charging (AFC) technology means you can get off zero and on your way faster than ever
– DeX mode operates with a recognisable interface, including multi windows, PC like task bar, drag and drop and maximise windows
– 7,300mAh battery

Main Review

Useful Links

Samsung Tab S4 on Amazon UK


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