Shot on the iPhone Xs Max – My Top 15 Photos from the camera

After a few weeks, below are my favourite and top photos that I have taken with the iPhone Xs Max.

Apple released the iPhone Xs Max a few weeks ago. Smart HDR was one of the new camera features introduced which takes multiple shots and merges the best components of each, to create one amazing shot.

Then there is the new A12 Bionic processor that helps with the computational photography aspects.

The results from the Xs Max have really surprised me. The quality leap forward from previous iPhones in very noticeable. Even from the iPhone X.

The Smart HDR even allows shooting into the sun and producing a decent result.

The Xs Max have larger pixels than the X at 1.4 microns on the main sensor. This helps with low light and detail.

Another aspect of the iPhone Xs Max Camera that I have noticed is it’s speed to take a shot. It’s instant.

Talking of speed, holding the shutter button activates burst mode. Did you know you can take 999 shots in a single burst.

With each burst, I noticed how every shot was in focus and perfectly exposed as well.

Portrait mode has improved too.

Of course, portrait mode can be used in many different scenarios.

With the Xs Max, the telephoto lens can help get some great macros.

And even without the telephoto you can get some great close up pics.

I really love how the camera captures sunsets and sunrises.

In addition, if you edit the photos in the iOS Photos app, there are some lovely filters available.

Video has also been improved on the Xs Max. The iPhone Xs Max is one amazing camera. And so easy to use and reliable.


6 thoughts on “Shot on the iPhone Xs Max – My Top 15 Photos from the camera

  1. It is difficult to believe but you are so correct Gavin. Having now used my XS Max for photography I am more than impressed with what is achieved direct from the sensor and computational software. That extra pixel size definitely improves on low light photography. I thought my old 7 Plus took great shots but the Max takes shooting closer to my favourite street camera my Fuji X100T.

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  2. Cant understand.
    As i see the photos are very unnatural.
    My eyes does not see the world like that.
    I hope phone cameras and all cameras
    as natural as possible.
    Perhaps iam the only one…

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  3. Very good photos. Sadly, I’ve been ill and haven’t gotten round to taking many pictures with my Max. I seriously doubt whether I’m anything like as good a photographer as you, though, but that shot straight at the sun is amazing.

    It seems like the Max almost takes the photos for you.

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