iPhone Xs Max Camera Review & Showcase

Imagine taking just your iPhone Xs Max with you, filming video and taking lots of photos.

Then using all the video and photos and being able to create, edit and upload a video without ever using another device.

Well what you are about to watch was produced completely on the iPhone Xs Max, edited, and then uploaded.

For video editing, Luma Fusion app was used.

Headphones are recommended.


6 thoughts on “iPhone Xs Max Camera Review & Showcase

  1. Watched the YouTube film. Looked like the voice sync was out at the end of the video. May be because I watched it on my Nokia 8 at 360 resolution. Maybe YouTube processing the video.


      1. Phew. Thought my phone was playing up. I knew you would of loaded up a perfect video. I remember having a Nokia C7 which had a built-in video editor which could put titles, fades, effects and sound effects etc. That phone was way ahead of the time. Definitely a phone I should of kept 😉

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  2. Awesome video!!! Loving the new Max. Apple finally got this one right. Camera is fantastic, screen is fantastic, size is perfect, bulit so well. Happiest I have been in awhile with iPhone. It’s a keeper!!


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