Honor 10 Camera Review – The AI Camera

Honor launched the Honor 10 yesterday along with version 2 of their AI Camera.

The Honor 10 features a 24MP + 16MP rear camera.
· The dual rear AI camera recognises 500+ scenarios in 22 categories in real time.
· It can pinpoint the outlines of various surrounding objects, like the sky, plants, people or even a waterfall, and identify their locations instantly
· This feature is supported by industry-first Semantic Image Segmentation technology, which allows the Honor 10 to identify multiple objects in one single image. These industry-first Honor 10 features apply scene-specific parameters to each photo in real time when taking a picture, making every photo you take a professional shot with just one click

· The Honor 10’s 24MP front camera is your intelligent selfie companion. It supports 3D face recognition, optimises facial details and detects over a hundred facial points to pixel-level accuracy
· The Honor 10 front camera also supports studio lighting effects with a range of lighting conditions
· The advanced and precise facial recognition ensures an accurate bokeh, and captures subtle features of everyone’s face, even in a ‘groufie’ shot

Below are some camera samples taken from the Honor 10.

The first shot above has extra saturation. Its too much for my liking, but its easily removed at a touch of the AI toggle.

The above flower shot is superb.

And finally, the colour reproduction is excellent on the above photo.

Now let’s take a more in depth look at the camera app options, AI in action and more video and photo samples with my feedback.

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Honor 10 on Amazon UK latest offering


2 thoughts on “Honor 10 Camera Review – The AI Camera

  1. Honor is both closely associated with Huawei as well as one of the strongest competitors of the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer. Honor 10 is more affordable and value for money smartphones in india.


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