Huawei P20 Pro Audio Review vs iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9+ & Google Pixel 2 XL

Welcome to my Huawei P20 Pro Audio Review.

In this review I take a look at the audio options and quality of the Huawei P20 Pro covering speakers, bluetooth, wired (dongle) and other options including some external DACs.

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11 thoughts on “Huawei P20 Pro Audio Review vs iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9+ & Google Pixel 2 XL

  1. On the Note 8 on Oreo, for LDAC there are further options. You need to access Developers Options to see these additional options (e.g. prioritise quality over connection). Does the Huawei P20 Pro have these options?


  2. Hej Garvin,

    great audio review! As an audiophile person, I am looking for the best smartphone sound quality available (btw which smartphone has the best sound quality?). I have a Huawei p20 pro, but I am not so happy with the sound quality compared to iPhone X. It doesn’t provide the same clarity and loudness like the iPhone X using in-ear headphone (my personal impression:). And now my question: How can I significantly improve the sound quality on my p20? Which DAC/Amp do you recommend? Also, what in-ear headphones are the best (up to 300£)?
    Many thanks for your help in advance and keep it up!

    Sunny greetings from Denmark.


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    1. Hi Andreas,

      Thanks for the feedback. The LG V30 is the best smartphone for its superb headphone jack. It has no competition. I currently use a Fiio Q5 with my P20 Pro to drive some of my HiFi headphones. The Fiio Q5 has bluetooth, which while this degrades the audio quality, its makes up for it in ease of use. The Q5 is a USB DAC as well. The Chord Mojo is the only other DAC I would consider. My preference is over ear headphones, so not really sure what to recommend for in ears at that price point.

      Hope this helps.



      1. Dear Gavin,

        thank you very much for your fast response, Indeed, that helped me a lot :).

        Looking forward to your next review.



      1. thanks for the reply! it works on the p20 pro the hi-res driver with external dacs? 🙂
        Thanks alot!


  3. works with dragonfly red or b & o dac (or any external dacs) on UAPP hi res driver? I’m sorry for a lot of questions, but I just ordered the phone at Telekom….. :/


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