The Best Headphones to use with the LG V30, LG V20 & LG G6 Quad DAC Smartphones 

So what are the best headphones  to use with the LG V20 and LG G6 Quad DAC that don’t cost a fortune?

Well check out my video below for more insights. 

Video Review 

More information on all the headphones discussed along with the latest deals –

Sennheiser Momentum In Ear –

Sony MDR-100 AAP –

Sennheiser HD598 –

Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250 ohm –

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250 ohm –


9 thoughts on “The Best Headphones to use with the LG V30, LG V20 & LG G6 Quad DAC Smartphones 

  1. HI Gavin! Have you ever owned or tried the Nuraphones? What kind of combo would be the V30 and the Nuraphones? I need your advice,please. I already have the V30 and looking to purchase the best Hi-FI headphones under $400 to it.
    My choices are the easy to drive HD 598 and HD 660s and Nuraphones. Which would you recommend to use with my v30?
    Thank you and Have a nice day! imre

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  2. Hi Gavin, thank you for the recommendations. But I still would like to pair with an in ear headphone which triggers high empedance mode. My budget is around 300$ and I like hearing all the bass since I like rap and R&B music. But of course not a muddy sound due to the bass. So we can say something balanced too.
    Thank you so much and hope to hearing from you soon!


    1. Hi Caglar, so long as it’s over 50 ohms it will trigger the high impedance mode, but even without , the quad dac provides better dynamics , and in ear are generally more efficient anyway. I haven’t got anything in ear I’d recommend as most of my IEMs are well under 50 ohms.


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