Shot on the LG V20 – Cotehele House

Yesterday, I showed you a few photos of Cotehele House with some macros of the flowers and insects found in the gardens.

But sometimes you need a super wide angle lens when visiting places to capture the whole room or view. The LG V20 has 2 lenses on the rear, a standard 16mp and a super wide 8mp lens. In terms of raw image quality the iPhone 7 Plus is better but the LG V20 has many tricks up its sleeve.

For example, it has a removable battery, infra red blaster for controlling your TV’s and aircon units, a HiFi Quad DAC, able to power headphones up to 600ohms, a headphone jack too, pro manual video and photo modes on the camera and a secondary display on the front. There’s more too, a real geeks phone!

Anyway, going back to the camera, below are those special wide angle photos from the LG V20 that most phones cannot capture.

If you scroll back a post to the iPhone 7 Plus shot of the rear of the house, this was the same spot I was standing when I took this one with the LG V20. The difference is massive as to how much more you can capture of the scene.

Another side shot. Again, there is a comparison from my post yesterday using the iPhone 7 Plus, standing in the same position.

Here you can capture the whole pond and surrounding area.

The super wide lens makes it a breeze to capture the entire room, all 3 walls and ceiling.

Even when you cant step back any further, you can still get the whole scene in the photo.

Obviously, being super wide does create some curving at the edges.

Overall, for sight seeing, the LG V20 was invaluable.


6 thoughts on “Shot on the LG V20 – Cotehele House

  1. Hello, Gavin.

    I asked you too many times about which smartphone should I buy, Mate 9 or V20. Maybe, I bored you.

    Ended up buying V20, because of the manual controls on video and the removable battery. I think it’s a good choice, mainly because of the removable battery and the good camera quality. Maybe, not the best, but very good. Audio recording is very nice also, but nothing beats the Nokia Rich Recording from Nokia 808 PV and its HAAC mics, until nowadays.

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    1. I am sure I replied but if I didn’t it wasn’t on purpose at all as I try and answer every question. Maybe it was when I was very ill back in April and May?

      I also have a V20 at the moment. I got it for the quad DAC. It’s a nice phone as you have said. And yeah Nokia had some great hardware. Shame what happened to them.

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      1. I think the current generation of smartphones already beat Nokia 808 on still photography. But on audio recording, I don’t know nothing better than the HAAC mics of the old Nokias (which patent apparently belongs to Microsoft. So, no chance to see them on the new Nokia’s android phones).

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  2. Great article Gav
    How do you think the older V20 compares upto the G6 Quad Dac version?
    Thinking the G6 is a little more easy to handle size wise?


    1. The G6 is more refined in every way. Software is smoother too. Except the V20 is the ultimate geek phone. Removable battery. IR blaster. Secondary screen. I also have the V20 B&O Quad DAC version. The V20 secondary display means third party launchers are buggy so you have to use the default LG launcher which I don’t mind. The V20 is big but I don’t mind it’s size.


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