Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ – Hands on Experience

A few days ago I got to spend some time with the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ along with a Samsung representative.

Last week I provided my initial impressions following Samsung’s launch, “Link to S8 and S8+ First Thoughts” , so now that I have seen the new phones in person have my opinions changed.

First up, both phones look gorgeous, even better in real life. They make last years S7 and S7 Edge seem dated. The S8 looks so small with its narrower width. The S8+ despite having a narrower width too, still looks huge.

Usability. The S8 is fine to use with the fingerprint sensor on the back with a little bit of care. But you will end up leaving fingerprints over the camera sensor. The S8+ is too tall to make reaching the fingerprint sensor a practicality.

It is in my opinion that Samsung had to alter its design of the phones when they couldn’t master the embedded fingerprint sensor under the front screen completely to replace the need for the finger print sensor on the rear. Potentially, if they had achieved this, the S8+ could have had dual rear camera sensors, similar to the iPhone 7 Plus.

However, that despite the poor positioning of the rear fingerprint sensor, the iris scanner has been improved over the Note 7. The iris scanner is faster and works within a wider angle, that is the eyes don’t have to be 100% level with the phone, and its much faster to use.

Cameras. Impossible to tell just how much better the cameras are on the S8. Both front and rear cameras have been improved. I did take some incredible selfies.

I still have a concern over the battery size / life. I can see 1080p resolution being used a lot to keep battery life in check.

However, despite any concerns I have mentioned above, the S8 looks great and has a fabulous camera. The S8+ looks ever better but is hampered by harder usability in terms of rear fingerprint placement.

Would I buy one? No. But for many people it will be a good upgrade over a Samsung Galaxy S5, maybe S6.


11 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ – Hands on Experience

  1. Fast charging and wireless charging. My Note 5 had an upgrade and the Fast charging is amazing. Battery life may be an issue, but after 6 months my Note 5 lasts all day. S8 and Note 5 have similar battery capacity and screen resolution and size.


  2. I think for review purposes Gavin should get a S8. I am interested to hear views on audio and BT 5. Hopefully we won’t get the Sanpdragon version in the UK.


  3. Gavin, I believe you said you were not going to purchase Samsung phones again after the Note 7 battery debacle and the way it was handled. Have you had a change of heart?


  4. I’d love to see edge to edge displays that are flat rather than curved – like the iPhone 5S screen (flat I mean). This way you get to use a proper glass screen protector that looks great and protects the screen, while still having the nice effect of bezel-less displays. I don’t buy the idea that curved screens make swiping easier – I think it’s just a trend, and it’s probably easier to make bezel-less curved screens.


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