Huawei P9 – Epic Photos from the Camera

The Huawei P9 comes with 2 x 12mp rear cameras. One is monochrome and the other is a colour sensor. The cameras were co-engineered with the help of Leica.

In my results below, the Huawei P9 camera delivers epic results and photos worthy of hanging on my wall.

Classic Dartmoor Trees #HuaweiP9

The above shot was taken after sunset, just before night started. This is my favourite shot so far from the P9.

Paignton Beach #HuaweiP9

The above shot is of Paignton Pier, Paignton, Devon.

Paignton Beach #HuaweiP9 #Monochrome

Using the monochrome mode on the P9 adds mood and a unique feel to photos. This is Paignton beach, complete with sea fog in the distance.

Riverside Mill - shot using a monochrome lens #huaweip9 #00 #dartmoor #historic #gorgeous

Riverside Mill, shot in using the monochrome lens again. Pretty special in monochrome.

Natures Trees #dartmoor #00 #huaweip9 #tree #gorgeous

Just trees. Just gorgeous.

No doubt as I get to use the phone’s camera more and more, I will be able to extract even more stunning photos.


7 thoughts on “Huawei P9 – Epic Photos from the Camera

  1. Are you using auto mode? I have been using P9 for about three months now and I can’t get your kind of results. And do you just press to focus on the middle? I find in these landscapes photos, the sky is captured beautifully on the p9, and even better than my Microsoft 950! It’s the best phone I’ve ever owned up to now. But I wish I knew how to achieve your results!


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