The Deal of the Month – £99 for a Chromebook – It’s Awesome – Updated Again!


A few days ago, I decided to take a gamble and buy the Lenovo N22 Chromebook that was on sale at £99. It is still on sale today, Saturday at £99.

N22 shots

The Lenovo N22 has 2gb ram, 32gb storage, 2 x USB 3, HDMI, headphone socket, stereo speakers, bluetooth, wifi, a 11.6 inch HD anti glare screen and more. It is a semi rugged design with stronger framing, a thicker cover, reinforced hinges and ports too. The screen hinge opens out to 180 degrees. Due to all these factors, the N22 is drop resistant from a height of 70cm. It is also fanless and has a non slip material.

It has an intel celeron N3060 processor that enables massive battery life of 14 hours. On top of all of this the integrated web cam rotates 180 degrees. The battery is user serviceable/replaceable.

N22 shots

The Lenovo N22 chromebook arrived yesterday morning and I used it all day yesterday. The battery is at 70% still!. Not only that it has an integrated carry handle and is a semi rugged design with a water resistant keyboard. The touchpad is sealed too.

N22 shortcuts

It has more too. The help guide also had a page of keyboard shortcuts. So cool. I will add a photo of these shortly too along with a video, but I just wanted to make sure you all new about this deal before it disappears. There are also shortcut keys.

N22 shots

N22 shots

N22 shots

Being a chromebook, all I had to do is sign into my Google account and all my music, videos, photos, email and documents were available. It is such a good experience. Not only that I am trialling wevideo to allow video editing using the cloud to process all the heavy lifting.

Last night I was streaming my music to my bluetooth headphones and also casting from the Chrome web browser to my TV. All from a £99 machine that actually has replaced my now defunct and wounded 6 year old macbook pro.

One more thing. There are 2 offers. First is 100gb Google Drive storage for 2 years. And if you havent had a Google Play Music trial before, you can redeem a 3 month trial.

The N22 is also ready for android apps. Don’t miss out on this great bargain.

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11 thoughts on “The Deal of the Month – £99 for a Chromebook – It’s Awesome – Updated Again!

  1. I know it’s cheaper than most. But should we be aiming for 4Gb minimum now. Also Im expecting some new devices built around Android Apps requirements in a few months. Should I wait? Thanks.


    1. I didnt wait. If you always wait for the next “thing” you not get a lot. This is currently one of the hottest deals on hotdealsuk. Also you may not find a chromebook with all the things this one offers for £99 for a while.


  2. How good is the screen contrast? My 2 year old HP 15″ CB’s contrast is pretty rubbish. Also is the keyboard backlit? Probably not…


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