Lindy Lightning Cable Protector Kit – Review – Give your iPhone & iPad cables extra longevity

Lindy review items

Welcome to my review of the Lindy Lightning Cable Protector kit.

Lindy have released the Lightning Cable Connector Protector Kit, which is aimed at saving money on expensive Lightning Cables for Apple products. The Protector Kit provides a tough, rugged shell to protect existing cables thereby prolonging the life of Apple Lightning Cables at a fraction of the cost of any replacements. The Lindy Lightning Cable Protector kit is currently £3.49 on Amazon UK.

So what do you get with the kit? The Protection kit features a two-piece design and a silicone centre, the compact kit simply snaps together to shield the weakest part of the cable. The kit also contains a protector for the USB Type A connection.

The silicone centre is fluorescent to make it easier to see at night. The Protection kit is available in 3 colours, blue, green and pink.


The Lindy Lightning Cable Protector Kit is a simple idea and solution. Recommended.

For more information and the latest pricing on Amazon – Click HERE.

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