Samsung Galaxy S7 – Camera Shots of the Month

Below are a selection of my favourite photos snapped on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Speed Demons #Plymouth #SamsungS7

I really like the mood and angles of the speed boats. Did you notice the boats stacked on large shelving behind the 3 speed boats?

St Petroc's Church, Lydford next to the Saxon Fort

St Petroc’s Church, Lydford, Devon. Lovely church that sits next to a Saxon Fort.

Mother & Daughter #Dartmoor #Ponies #landscape #nationalpark #beautiful #shotonaphone #SamsungS7

Looks like a postcard.

Big Guns #Plymouth #Barbican

Can you imagine the canons just been fired and what you can see is the explosion?

Haunting #Church #Princetown #Historic #S7

My local church. A favourite place of mine to take photos.

Having fun on Dartmoor this morning - George, Fury, Tiggy

And finally, one of George and Fury.


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