Amazon Prime Air – Deliveries by Drones – Comes to the UK

amazon drone

“The online retail giant announced Monday evening that it had reached an agreement with the U.K. government to expand the types of drone tests it is conducting in the region. The new arrangement will allow Amazon to test drone flights that extend beyond the line of sight of the pilot in suburban or rural areas — a necessary ingredient in the aerial delivery of packages that the U.S.’s Federal Aviation Administration currently doesn’t allow.

The agreement also includes the ability for Amazon to test sensors that would prevent drones from unintentionally colliding, and allows Amazon to have a single drone pilot oversee a fleet of drones. Such a setup would be necessary to make large-scale drone delivery economically feasible someday.

The U.K. is a leader in enabling drone innovation, an Amazon exec said in one part of a statement.”

No more unreliable courier deliveries and another step towards removing people/jobs out of the equation.

More at Recode


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