The 8 week Blood Sugar Diet – Just 800 calories per day – Week 1 – The Epic Results & My Journey


On the 16th July 2016, I started the 8 week Blood Sugar diet that is just 800 calories per day. It’s been a tough week, more so at the start, especially the first 48 hours. 

During the first 48 hours my body had cravings for sweet things and hunger pangs were persistent. During the first 48 hours you need willpower but I can tell you its worth the effort. During the first week, I tried to walk more too. The key I found to feeling good was keeping hydrated with water. I ended up drinking 3 litres of water a day which has its side effects of needing to pee more frequently. I also got some sugar free gum to help with times when I might have eaten food for no good reason.  However, after the third day, I never felt hungry and my desire for naughty foods diminished. Last Friday, I was in my local supermarket and walked down the chocolate and cake aisles. I had no desire for anything.

To make this diet work, I had prepared a load of gear to help me record and monitor accurately my progress. I am also taking selfies along the way. If you want to recap all the items I’m using , read my first post –  Click HERE. I also have a dedicated page where all my diet posts are being kept. This can be found using the Menu or Click HERE.

I also got a notebook, and started planning my meals out in full. These were some of the suggested menus in the Bloodsugardiet book. Amazon Link to Blood Sugar Diet book – Click HERE.

Two of the suggested menu items are shakes and soups. I personally really like the thick shakes for breakfast and soup for lunch. One of my kitchen gadgets is an Andrew James soup maker. It also does shakes. I can’t recommend this piece of equipment enough. It makes light work of making soups in 20 mins flat. More info and Amazon link on the Andrew James Soup maker –  Click HERE.

Below are a selection of my meals, from lunch, breakfast and dinner. These are all from the Bloodsugardiet book. What amazes me is the fact that full fat items are used in this diet. The full fat helps keeping you feel full and is healthy. Who’d have thought that! Click on any photo to open the gallery to see photo in a larger size.

So how did week 1 go in terms of weight, blood sugar levels and more ? Below are the measurements from Saturday 23rd July 2016, exactly one week after being on the 8 week Blood Sugar Diet.

Here we go – 

– Weight – lost 1st 1lb – amazing result to lose this in just 7 days!

– Waist – lost 2 inches. My face and next look slimmer too. 

– Blood Sugar levels – down 17%

– Blood Pressure – down 10%

– Body Water Percentage – increased by 0.5%

As a consequence, my BMI and body fat has also dropped. But what has also changed is my energy levels. Despite being on 800 calories a day, I have tons more energy. The loss of one stone in weight is noticeable in every way possible – clothes, ease of moving around, photos. If you read the book, it says to weigh yourself every day. I did. And I lost weight every day. I wouldn’t normally do this on a diet, but since the food is so different to what I would have been eaten, the daily weight reduction really kept me motivated for the next day. 

Finally I would like to say thank you to everybody who wished me good luck. It really helped keep my motivation up!

So all that remains is to complete the next 7 weeks. 

PS – Just to re-iterate I went to my doctor to discuss going on this plan as recommended by the book. My doctor was very supportive and offered a number of ways of helping me at different intervals. In fact, I was surprised just how helpful and supportive my doctor was when I mentioned I wanted to start the 8 week blood sugar diet.


14 thoughts on “The 8 week Blood Sugar Diet – Just 800 calories per day – Week 1 – The Epic Results & My Journey

    1. Thanks Graham. I hope I can. It so hard to get the mind in gear but I’ve managed this time. I picked a time to start it when I was off work (hols) to make it easier to get into the swing of the recipes and new food. Good luck.

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  1. Hey Gavin keep up the good work and realize how much the pain and suffering is worth when you reach your goal my friend…..

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  2. Gavin, really good news well done. Also hopefully will help others. I’ve just looked in to an exercise based option as have access to a free gym.

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