Samsung Galaxy S7 – The Best Themes

Samsung’s latest devices come with the option to change the theme. The themes offer skin deep changes and even theme apps like the clock and messages.

I have ploughed through hundreds of themes, both free and paid. The best ones so far are –

– Android 6.0
– DeluxeGoldBlack
– MIUI Dark
– Black
– Black Marble
– Metal_Silver
– MetalRoyal
– Color Therapy
– Sci-Fi

My all time favourite is Gradient Blue. Screen shot above. Click HERE.

What are your favourite themes for the Samsung flagship phones. If you are using Nova Launcher, you can still have a Samsung Theme as this changes menu and more that are system deep.


3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 – The Best Themes

  1. this gradient blue theme is not download.this theme is not available. plz send me apk file if available..i really like this theme


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