Laser Damage will destroy your Smartphone Camera – details

Nowadays we use our iPhones, Samsung’s and other android phones cameras to snap photos and video everywhere we go. This includes at concerts and such like.

Typically when attending an event like a concert, lasers are used for special effects. Now the official filming crew will have their equipment positioned in such a way as to not to be in the way of any lasers.

But as a member of the audience, the stage crew are not worried about your camera, nor can they adjust the lasers for it. Lasers are lethal to your cameras lens and here’s why.

If a concert used a green laser, then you would need a protective material to block green light of the laser’s wavelength. This will distort the colours seen by your phone’s camera. The green colour from the laser will be reduced. A very high quality filter can knock out only the exact laser wavelength, allowing some green to be seen, but such a narrow-band filter is more expensive.

If the laser used at a concert are multi-coloured, then you would need a filter to block red, green and blue laser wavelengths. Obviously, this affects many more colours than just a green only filter. These types of filters are expensive.

Hopefully, from reading the above, you get the message. It is virtually impossible to protect your smartphone camera lens from lasers, so if they take a direct hit, it will damage your cameras lens permanently. The only fix is a new lens which in reality will mean a new phone.



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