Samsung Galaxy S7 – Waterproof matters & Using the Video Editor

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 are waterproof and dust proof and on a day like today on Dartmoor, it really is the only phone I would want to use outdoors currently.

It is raining along with thick fog. This is Dartmoor for you and of course its the British Summertime!

So after snapping photos and a load of video clips, Samsung has an app called Samsung Video Editor which is downloadable from the Galaxy App store. It offers a way of creating a mini movie. Options from transitions, titles, music, trimming, 3 speed options, filters, microphone audio, and a load more basic items. The app is free. It does have a big limitation. It works really well up to 720p video. It crashes sometimes using 1080p 30fps. But anything higher it does not work. The video editor is not as good as iOS iMovie but it is better than nothing.

To give you an idea, see the video below, with photos and video from the S7 taken this morning and created and edited on the phone to give you an idea of the final output.


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