OnePlus 3 – Battery Performance & Stats

My OnePlus 3 has had one full charge to 100%.

I then decided to hammer the battery to test its performance.


So how did it do. The OnePlus 3 managed 5 hours screen on time with 14% battery left to go.


That translated into a full days usage. GPS, wifi and Bluetooth were all switched on.


So then I plugged the phone in to recharge for 30 mins to test the special Dash fast charger. This took the battery to 75% after 30 mins.


Above are the battery stats showing what was happening during the charging.

Now the last test was standby. At 11pm the phone was at 100%. At 6.30am this morning the battery was 96%. So only 4% lost overnight.

Overall a good performance on the battery front from the OnePlus 3.

More tomorrow.

Ooh. Just one last thing. The OnePlus 3 has scored the fastest AnTuTu score I have ever seen!



2 thoughts on “OnePlus 3 – Battery Performance & Stats

  1. Cheers Gavin 🙂

    It really is dumping in current awfully fast. 40-60% at nearly 3.5A.

    Temperature did not even cross 34 °C getting to 75% which took a half hour.

    How long after did it take to reach 100%?

    Also let us know how it does with your choetech car charger.


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