Xiaomi Mi Band 2


Yesterday my Mi Band 2 arrived.


I managed to get mine from Everybuying for around £27 plus shipping. I used DHL and it arrived in a few days.

The Mi Band 2 includes a heart rate sensor and a lot more improvements which I will detail in my review.

For now I just wanted to know if anyone had any questions they would like answering in my forthcoming review.

If so leave the questions in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi Band 2

  1. Hi. Funny I found you when you’d just bought the Note 3. I was just as pumped about that phone as you were. Then again when I was thinking about getting a QX10. I’m now looking into fitness bands. You got there first with the Mi band 2.
    I’ll have to read your reviews about the 1/1s so apologies if you address these points in them.
    I love the look of the Band 2 however it looks quite thick. I’m a woman with fairly large wrists. Is it comfortable?
    I’m also considering Fitbit Alta which I find more feminine however I’m quite faddish so don’t want to spend that much. It’ll be my first tracker so I’m more comfortable taking a punt with £30ish. My husband had an Up before but rubber began tearing around the charging port. How does build quality stand up long term?

    Thanks for your time. I see your site has really taken off so congratulations. I currently have Nexus 6P but Xiaomis’ are looking interesting


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