OnePlus 3 – A much better shopping experience

I was definitely one of the 1,000+ haters of the stupidly annoying OnePlus invite systems that the company used for all their previous phone launch and methods needed to buy their phone.

However, in advertising there is no such thing as bad advertising and regardless to how much you disliked the system, it did create “brand name” for OnePlus.

It appears the company has grown up a lot. This time with the launch of the OnePlus 3, there is no invite system. Simply go to OnePlus’s website and order. No timed sales, no anything just a good old regular add to cart and buy.

The next surprise is the stock is available immediately. So if you order now, it will arrive in a few days to a week. I received my shipping notice yesterday!

The ordering and delivery timescales are nearly as slick as an Apple launch where a product is announced and then available to order that day for delivery in a week or two!

And OnePlus held pop up shops at several locations across the world.

Time lapse of New York queue.


2 thoughts on “OnePlus 3 – A much better shopping experience

    1. Aren’t we all although I am loving the smaller more manageable size of the standard S7. I have it in the lens cover case which makes a huge difference for gripping apart from being able to screw on different lenses. The 3rd quarter will have some superb new phones.


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