Tech Addicts Podcast – Next Episode Details


The next episode of Tech Addicts Podcast is now live.

Tech Addicts Podcast is back again with new episode starring Gareth Myles, Jay Garrett, Sam Pullen and I. Tech Addicts is released every 2 weeks.

To listen to the latest episode subscribe by searching “Tech Addicts” within your favourite podcast app, iTunes or use the URL “” to add directly.

Or listen directly below.


1 thought on “Tech Addicts Podcast – Next Episode Details

  1. The power bank discussion got me wondering whether you would be getting any quick charge 2 power banks for a test. Yes, qc2 is faster but there is an efficiency hit.

    All the mah ratings are at 3.6v. When you use the bank to charge something it works at 5V. So efficiency is at 70%. Qc2 works at 9V. Bigger hit.

    How efficient is a 10000 mah power bank going to be at qc2 is the question.

    If your 10k mah aukey can charge your s7e twice before dying. You might get just over one charge with a qc2 bank.

    But qc2 can charge faster than you can consume.Say gps, full brightness in the car, arrive with the phone nearly full. A charger that runs off your cigarette lighter will be better at keeping your phone topped than a qc2 power bank.


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