Apple Powerbeats Wireless Headphones – by Harry

Yesterday Ian provided a review of his current Bluetooth headphone, the TechElec SP-X versus the Powerbeats Wireless. Harry replied to Ian’s post with his experience if the Powerbeats 2 headphones.

By Harry –

I bought some Jaybird bluetooth earbuds at the Apple store a few years ago. I tried them for a few days, but they had an odd effect that I didn’t like. When walking outside, the wind blowing over the wires transmitted into the earbuds and interfered with what I was listening to. Also, anything that touched the wires also interfered with music / podcasts.

So – I took them back to the Apple store. I was really disappointed, because I had wanted some decent A2DP bluetooth earbuds for a long time. But there’s no “demo units” to try out , for obvious reasons.

After arranging for the return with the Apple store sales buy, I went over and looked at the Powerbeats 2.  I think they had just been released. The price knocked my socks off.

I asked the sales guy “If I don’t like these, can I return them?” 
He replied “of course you can”.

So I forked over the 200 maracas and enjoyed those powerbeats for a long time. I wore them out I used them so much. They eventually started to fall apart.  I walked back to the Apple store at lunch one day and bought my second pair.

The powerbeats ship with a large egg shaped zippered semi hard pouch.  If you buy them – always store the earbuds in that pouch. The zipper on the pouch of my first beats broke.  I then took to wrapping two rubber bands around the pouch to hold it shut,  Rubber bands only last a few days,

The second pair I bought are a little more sturdy than the first. Just a little better build quality, They ship with the same egg shaped semi hard pouch.

More info and current deal on Amazon UK – CLICK HERE.


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