LG G5 – More camera shots from my trip to London Docklands with commentary

Below are a selection of photos snapped whilst I was in London Docklands the other day along with commentary for each photo.

Don't look down - View from Emirates Cable Car #lgg5

The above shot was snapped whilst travelling in the Emirates Cable Car than runs from Royal Victoria to North Greenwich in London Docklands. I cannot remember if I used the wide lens or not for this photo.

O2 Arena - View from the Emirates Cable Car

Again snapped whilst inside the cable car, and made B&W using VSCO Cam preset B3.

The River Thames - View from the Emirates Cable Car #lgg5wide

The above shot is using the wide lens. Apart from the cable car glass reflection, its a superb shot. It was a really sunny day.

Scenic views of the River Thames and Emirates Cable Car #London

Wide lens again. This is the landing bay at Royal Victoria.

Emirates Cable Car Landing #London

Above with the standard 16mp lens. Loads of detail and the colours are accurate to what my eyes were seeing too.

The Crystal, Royal Victoria, London

Again using the 16mp lens on the G5. This building is called The Crystal at Royal Victoria, London Docklands.

The Crystal, Docklands #lgg5wide

The wide angle lens creates the above shot. Not for everyone due to the excessive curves.

Emirates Cable Cars gliding downwards, Docklands #lgg5

Wide angled and cropped. The G5 wide angle lens still has enough detail for crops.

Emirates Cable Cars , Docklands #lgg5

Again wide lens and cropped with a filter applied. I just wanted to show the distance the cable car travelled.

Canning Town Station #red #lgg5

Canning Town station is not attractive. So using Camera360 magic colours (red) filter, I jazzed it up.

Red Construction Cranes , Canning Town, London #lgg5

A building site is not very attractive, but again, used Camera360 and the magic colours red filter. This is using the 16mp lens.

Sunrise at Canning Town, London #lgg5wide

Again wide and not too warped. This was taken at sunrise.

Canning Town Fly Over, London #lgg5

Just a road in Canning Town with lots of building work. Edited in Photo Express using the Pinhole effect.

Paddington Station, London #lgg5

And finally Paddington Station London. Using the 16mp lens which did a great job.

All in all I was very impressed with the shots from the G5 camera.


5 thoughts on “LG G5 – More camera shots from my trip to London Docklands with commentary

  1. And for your next article the night :p nice shoot. Nice shoots.Do you use HDR on all the photos or not ? because without HDR the LG G5 (with the 1st version of software) loss many detail and light.

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