The Next Kindle E-Readers – Details of new technology revealed

Jeff Bezos has already gone on record to say the new Kindle E-Readers are launching next week.

Now Wall Street Journal, has added some extra information behind the reveal. The next generation of Kindle E-Reader will last even longer as they will come with a rechargeable protective case

The WSJ added that the rechargeable case will allow the device to be slimmer than its previous versions. The downside is that without the special case the new version could have a shorter battery life than the older models. One of the case options for the e-reader is a solar-powered case, reducing the need to ever plug the device in.

Now I had a Kindle E-Reader myself. Only problem is I haven’t used it for such a long time now, I simply cannot remember where I left it! I really think the new e-reader is going to be a tough sell, as if someones current e-reader works just fine, why buy another one?


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