LG G5 – The Best Camera Examples and First Impressions + LG G4 vs LG G5

Below are a highlight of some videos created by a number of different people highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the LG G5.

What is also interesting is the “negativity” created on the internet initially tarnished peoples views of the LG G5. However, what you will witness is a different feeling after using the LG G5 for a a few days.

Below is a good example. Filming video with all 3 cameras at the same time by Tony Pazo. Just imagine using this mode for a festival like Glastonbury.

Next up is a short comparison video from Supersaf. Whilst the comparison is a bit short, it does show just how good the S7 camera is whilst using video. Personally, I preferred most (not all) of the stills from the G5.

This S7 advantage over video is helped by its super fast auto focus.

Now lastly, Pocketnow have put together a short video depicting their thoughts after 24 hours and again the more the LG G5 is used, the more pleasurable the experience became.

I have used the pre production LG G5 which is not the same as the retail version. My retail version is arriving any day so once this is in the house, I can start publishing photos and my first impressions.

The camera and Hi-Fi modules are also expected in a week or so. My plan is to review the phone as a phone and then talk about the modules and deliver my final thoughts at the end.

If you are wondering is the LG G5 any better than the LG G4, take a look at this article by GeekandCom. It’s in French, so here is the Google Translation – CLICK HERE. . Thanks to OneTwelve for the link.


12 thoughts on “LG G5 – The Best Camera Examples and First Impressions + LG G4 vs LG G5

  1. Its good that some are providing better feedback after prolonged use. The market needs a device to prevent Samsung becoming the Apple of Android :p

    Still prefer the S7 camera shots when I watched that SuperSaf video last night but then that’ll come down to personal preference (and probably my poor eyesight!!).

    Sticking with what I have but will be good to see your shots of Dartmoor etc on the G5 🙂

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    1. Supersaf does a great job. He’s also a top guy having met him at the G4 launch. I have used the G5 (pre production mainly) and so far found the stills better on the G5 in all lighting conditions but video superior on the S7. Of course they are other aspects of both phones. Fascinating really to have 2 phones that are as much the same as totally different.


      1. “and so far found the stills better on the G5 in all lighting conditions”
        Does this apply equally to low light? How about indoors with pets/kids? Which camera manages to freeze the action best in lighting conditions which are less than ideal.

        In the past I’ve found the LG has a tendency to leave the shutter open a bit too long (to let in more light), which invariably resulted in blur when the subject was moving a bit.


      2. Couple of things stood out in saf’s test

        – I don’t believe the difference between 5MP & 8MP front shooter is as great as he shows. Think the light meter on the s7e got tricked somehow into boosting ISO higher than required so the G5 ran away with it. This is why the scenery outdoors got blown out. Your shot of Fury jumping at the camera did not have this problem. Exposure of the background remained stable. Light meter did not get tricked. And if Fury could not do it, no idea how it happened with saf.

        – the walking video stabilisation test did not show much of a difference between the two. Has LG improved stabilisation that much over the G4 ? Earlier G5 pre-producton samples did not suggest this was the case. Video on the s7e is better than the g5 only at 1080p 30fps. You lose the quick focus at 60fps on the s7e unlike the z5.

        Am noticing the s7e has a tendency to use higher shutter speeds in medium light situations with higher ISO and attendant loss in quality so as to minimise shake and produce a sharper photo

        over the G5 which does it the traditional way, ie always assumes your subject is stationary and aims for better image quality.

        S7e is the only device that passed Steve’s party test without using the fancy tricks of the lumia 950. Picked 1/100 indoors (!) No device he has tested to date has done that, in auto.

        Indoor moving shots the s7 is going to fare better than the g5. If subject is staionary the G5 will get lower noise, better details & colour. Have to use manual to get the best out of either depending on the scene.

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    2. As French Guy, the article is ok but the review between the S7 and the LG G5 from this website are not interesting. In all the cases, it’s nice to have examples. I see the review of phonearena (in NewYork ?), i don’t know if i’m not wrong, the sky is so black with S7 example in the city that it seem’s not real… In the review of the French Guy, the sky is clearly black with the LG G5 … it’s hard to know the quality of the picture when we don’t live in the area of the picture.

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      1. I hope a thing, the LG G5 come in France the 18 avril 2016, i doubt about the final software of the test of the guy.


      2. Oo sorry, i’m tired, i lost and i dont hope in my preview answer. With the LG G5, in your article and other, the sky seem’s to be boring vs the Samsung S7, but it’s a picture and the S7 have in some cases satured colours. What’s do think about this ? particularity in your city, the sky is more real in the LG G5 without tweeks or on the S7 with a full black sky that i found strange^^


  2. In a number of the g5 shots, it goes into ‘night mode’ so there is more over exposure. Sky will not be black. This is true in scenes when there are lights in the dark. The G5 will brighten the scene more than you want. In such cases manual is better than auto.

    Whereas S7 is preserving the mood better in auto and sometimes losing details. Night mode is good when there are no bright lights in the scene.

    However, here is an interesting example where the S7 in auto beats the G5 night shot.

    07 - LG G5

    G5 in night shot,see ISO is zero, it’s using image averaging to reduce noise. Shutter is 1/9. Slowest it will use in auto.

    07 - Samsung Galaxy S7

    S7 is using 1/4, one stop advantage over the G5. Quite surprising as I never saw a Sammy go slower than 1/7 in auto before.

    To match g5 has to use manual here.


    1. Thanks, i like more the G5 picture, but i don’t know the “true” light of the scene. There is so huge difference between the lighting here, S7 have more real lighting in your example than the LG G5. I’m bad boy^^

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  3. The ‘true’ lighting is hard to tell with these cameras now for more than a couple of years 😀

    Many times I see, appears brighter than was really the case.


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