Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Handheld Night Shots

After yesterday’s night shots, I got asked for some examples of the camera at night without the use of a tripod. So here we go.

I had to use the Pro mode to reproduce the actual level of darkness. See below.


So that’s how dark it really is. Now for auto mode. Makes the shot much lighter. See below.


And finally a hand held shot of the church to compare with yesterday’s post. This was shot in auto.


Again it was really much darker.

As a comparison below is handheld shot from default camera app on the iPhone 6S Plus. 

Using pro mode here’s an arty shot of the sunset over dartmoor.


So do the handheld shots from the S7 change your view on its camera quality ?


6 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Handheld Night Shots

  1. I downloaded both church photos and using the default edit feature in the iOS Photos app I altered the lighting for both photos to max light.
    What was very clear is that the iPhone shot was much better.
    The S7 suffered from over sharpening, pixelated, too much red casting and surprisingly the dark areas were not preserved within the shot (this is the amount of detail that is lost when you increase a dark area to see what detail lays underneath).

    I’m not saying overall the iPhone takes a better photo as clearly the S7 is much quicker with focus and has a greater DOF.
    But for this type of shooting and PP I would go with the iPhone.

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  2. Mike been say that for years my brother got the note 5 Samsung over exposure and over saturate there colors I’m not saying they don’t take good pictures because they do but just pulling the camera out of your pocket and focusing on a image and taking the picture iPhone camera is better the image Quality is better they talk about detail the only thing I see is the picture bright but if you really at the quality of the image s7 image are over exposed and over saturated thats what I’ve try to explain to my brother a camera sensor small as on a phone camera manual control might help a little but it can also hurt the image to that’s what I like about the iPhone camera


  3. Jason he’s not talking about the Note 5 which I believe more would agree the Note 5 takes better photos than the 6s plus your reading way too much into what Mike is talking about number 1 because you have no idea deal what he’s talking about all you say on here is the Samsung over saturated colors when I will say that the majority will prefer the Samsung colors most of the time you like IPhone and there’s nothing wrong with but to say it’s the best that’s the disagreement


      1. Facts are a good thing! When people start talking about what they think is fact, but not what they know is fact, the comments can get dangerously close to arguments lol.


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