Phones Show Chat Podcast – Episode 333

On Sunday Steve Litchfield and Ted Salmon recorded Phones Show Chat Podcast episode 333, with myself as their guest again.

So click HERE for more details or to have a listen, or search for it in iTunes or your favourite podcast app.

Photo of Dartmoor is of myself, taken with an iPhone 6S (not plus).


5 thoughts on “Phones Show Chat Podcast – Episode 333

  1. Interesting to hear your thoughts on the s7e. You said you got 4h45 – 5h15 sot. H

    ow long on data and how long on wifi ?

    Was thinking it would be better with the bigger battery.

    On the g4 you got 4h-4h30.

    The s7’s battery is 20% larger than the g4. Your findings are exactly 20% longer.



  2. Don’t follow. Are you saying you should have got longer than currently with the s7?

    Another thing I wanted to ask is were you comfortable using the s7e with your shoulderpod ? that screen wraps round and a tripod mount has to grip it securely some how.


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