Dunu Titan 5 – Hi-Res In Ear Headphones – Review

Welcome to my review of the Dunu Titan 5 in ear headphones. 


The Key Specifications

– Driver: 13mm titanium coated dynamic

– Frequency Response: 10Hz-40KHz

– SPL: 108±2dB

– Impedance: 32Ω

– Plug: 3.5mm Gold-plated L-plug

– Cord Length: 1.2m

– Weight: 24g

The Hardware

The Dunu Titan 5 have been awarded the official Hi-Res badge. That means they cover the required audio frequency to be given the Hi-Res badge. In the box you get a huge choice and types of tips. There are also ear stabilisers that position these in ear headphones perfectly inside your ear and in turn remove a lot of discomfort as the weight is evenly distributed. These aren’t cheap headphones at around £110. However the cables are detachable and therefore also replaceable should you need to connect a new cable.  The ‘Hi-Res Audio’ certified Titan 5 earphone utilizes a wide 13mm titanium diaphragm, with high power handling and a dynamic driver to provide exceptional clarity, fully defined vocals and accurate imaging.

The Audio Quality & Experience

As I mentioned these are Hi-Res headphones. And as a consequence they are capable of astonishing levels of fidelity. If you connect them directly to a smartphone they will sound fantastic. But introduce a cheap portable amp/DAC and they will explode up a notch. And guess what. Connect £500 worth of amp/DAC and these headphones are nuts good. I will stress a £60 DAC/amp is enough to give these a leap forward. 

The Dunu Titan 5 are similar to the Titan 3’s except with one main difference. The Titan 5 have been tuned to provide a deeper bass. Add that to the wide frequency response, wide soundstage and clarity of the treble and mid range and what you have is one of the best in ear headphones I have heard sub £500.  The music reproduction is detailed and precise with a wide and natural soundstage and life-like imaging. The mid range presentation is on the warmer front.

At times it’s like have a subwoofer with tracks. It’s not an earthquake it’s the Dunu Titan 5! 

The power and bass depth at times is mental but never to the detriment of the music. However, if you prefer more neutral headphones the Dunu Titan 3 probably a better choice for you. is. But having heard both, the Titan 5 are more fun and musical in my opinion, but still with amazing clarity and dynamics.


My favourite in ear headphone. Period. Capable of delivering amazing audio quality and enjoyment.  Highly recommended!!!! 

More info and deal on the Dunu DN-Titan5 Hi-Res Audio In-Ear Earphones at Amazon UK

More info and deals on Dunu Headphones at Amazon US – Click HERE

8 thoughts on “Dunu Titan 5 – Hi-Res In Ear Headphones – Review

  1. How would you use these with an iPhone X Gavin? There are lightning to MMCX cables around, would that be a good move? Or would you suggest an external DAC. I am looking at a Noble Audio Sage earphone and their lightning cable, but this is much cheaper and probably more than I need for my source material.


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