Apple iPhone 6S  – The wonders of using iOS Reachability 


One of the best features of iOS is Reachability. It is a feature that I use multiple times a day on my iPhone 6S Plus, but it is just as useful on the smaller iPhone 6S.

It also has surprised me how many people who own an iPhone don’t know about this feature, and in some cases some thought there iPhone was faulty.

So what is Reachability. Simply it is an quick an easy method to lower the screen down 50%. Take the above screen shot. You might have wondered why you kept getting a black background on the top half of your iPhone? Well, if so, this is what you did. By double tapping the home screen button, not pressing, just double tapping, the screen will drop down 50%. This makes reaching the furthest corners of a screen a breeze. You can even now swipe down the notification centre, from the half way point.


Rather neat isn’t! But it doesn’t stop there. After dropping the screen and tapping on a folder, you can double tap the home button again to make the folder apps easier to reach as shown above. In fact, you could be in safari and want to type a URL. Double tap the home button when in safari to lower the screen.

To exit, double tap again, or press the home button once.

It’s so simple, but my favourite iOS feature.


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