LG V10 – The Camera is exceptional – Camera Shots

Yesterday I took around 200 photos with the LG V10. I then compared the shots with those I had taken from the LG G4, and somehow the V10 even on stills takes better photos. Video is equally improved from the G4.

Below are some dog shots and photos of Dartmoor. The level of detail is excellent, from being able to zoom in on the grass on Fury’s tongue (black labrador) and more.

I did record some video, although I can’t share this for privacy reasons, but it is equally as impressive.

Don’t forget to click on the photo to view the original.

Sun's disappeared. Storm incoming around King's Tor, Dartmoor #LG #V10

Little Mis Tor, Dartmoor #LG #V10

George on Dartmoor #LG #V10

Fury posing on Dartmoor #LG #V10

That's one large smile from Tiggy #Dartmoor #LG #V10

George racing Fury on Dartmoor #LG #V10

8 thoughts on “LG V10 – The Camera is exceptional – Camera Shots

      1. You say you compared with those taken from the G4..

        What criteria did you use here.

        There are no 1 to 1 comparisons.

        Taking shots might be faster with the extra GB of RAM. But quality wise, same sensor, same stock stills camera. I can’t see much difference.

        Video ? That will be different.


      2. The V10 is not an update from the G4. I’ve seen some internal code suggesting it’s an iteration of the G Flex 2.

        Camera. Software optimisation at play along with processing speed and computation. Video is much better. This was a weakness in the G4.


  1. Video has more features. The extra mics allow to control direction etc.

    Have to rely on 3rd party apps to get more video control on the g4.

    G flex 2 ? Hmm, heard this some where before.

    Can’t recall whether it was you who said that the v10 supposed to replace the g flex series.


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