LG V10 – Camera Samples – Updated

Just a sample of a selection of photos from the LG V10. 

The extra 1gb ram over the LG G4 is noticeable. The V10 is very fast to use taking photos and the quality is stunning. 

I have used VSCOcam and the iOS Photos app to edit a few of these and apply a filter. 

Below is Exeter Cathedral Yard.

Around Exeter Cathedral Yard #LG #V10

Exeter Dental Centre.

Exeter Dental #LG #V10

That Seagull. I didn’t even have time to focus. Just fired off one shot suddenly as lifting phone in air.

Catch that Seagull #LG #V10

Exeter Cathedral.

Exeter Cathedral #LG #V10

Gateway to Dartmoor. Misty conditions.

Gate to the Moors #LG #V10

This House is actually for sale!

House for Sale #LG #V10

My favourite. Exeter High Street. The sun is piercing through the tree. The colour version is probably nicer to look at.

Exeter High Street #LG #V10

I have added the original version below now.

Exeter High Street - Original #LG #V10

17 thoughts on “LG V10 – Camera Samples – Updated

  1. Looks really good, but sadly the phone still isn;t for me, fell out of love with my G4 pretty quick tbh – just not a fan of LGs skin on Android, particularly their oversized nav buttons. Not interested in the 2nd screen either – just makes the phone taller than it needs to be imo. Think I’ll be importing a Note 5 – minimal bezels, no on-screen buttons and still a great camera from what I have seen.

    Just ask LG to build another Nexus and chuck these camera set up in there – I’d be happy then 🙂


  2. Nova would go on it for sure – together with lots of the Google apps for phone, messaging etc. Just not a fan of the on-screen buttons and in particular how LG seem to make them too big (tall) – if you tell me this has an expanded desktop mode them I’m all over it 🙂


    1. There’s hardly any bloat. App drawer is just one page only. Not sure what you mean by on screen buttons. Do you mean menu buttons. If so you can get them to disappear on every app as required and flick up to bring back.


  3. Yea – the Back, Home and Recent buttons – I know I’m being fussy but I really hate the look (and size) of the LG ones and in many apps, just so much wasted space. Can you really make them disappear in ‘every’ app?? Wasn’t sure that was the case?


  4. Blimey, thanks Gavin – not sure how I missed that. So, Nova Launcher, new icons and dismissable nav buttons – great. Great camera and audio quality is within reach then – although Clove are now out of stock 😦


    1. It’s easily missed. Settings, display, home screen touch buttons. Choice of button combination (up to 5 and in any position you prefer), colour (black or white menu icons) , hide home touch buttons ( brings up all apps, you then decide, note some apps do make the menu buttons disappear automatic ).


  5. Stupid thing is – I played around with changing the number and order of the buttons and still missed the ‘hide’ option lol. Thanks for the info.


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