Apple releases new betas for iOS, Apple Watch and Apple TV – The Best New Features are as follows

Apple released its next round of product betas covering all its hardware. Below is a summary of the best features from all the betas –

tvOS 9.2 beta 1

Support for app folders and bluetooth keyboards.

watch 2.2 beta

Multiple watches can be paired to one iPhone.

iOS 9.3 beta

Notes app – now possible to lock individual notes with a passcode and unlock via Touch ID

Night mode – based on your time and location, iOS will automatically make the colour temperature warmer on the display warmer to get rid distracting blues at night. Blue tones are replaced at night with more yellower tones. A dark theme option would have been good too but alas not yet. 

Quick 3D Actions – many more stock apps have had 3D Touch quick actions enabled – App Store, iTunes, Weather, Settings, Compass, and Health

iPad – multiple user mode is introduced albeit for use in education only at present.

Classroom app for education – this allows teachers to monitor all the pupils with an iPad, check which apps are being used and their progress with work flow in real time.

News app received some minor tweaks.

Health app now displays more information from your Apple Watch eg. move and stand data, plus recommends third-party apps in the various different categories e.g. weight, sleep, workouts.

Live Photos – you can now save a full resolution photo from a Live Photo. When using the Share Sheet, choosing “Duplicate” now gives an option to create a Still Photo duplicate of a Live Photo.


3 thoughts on “Apple releases new betas for iOS, Apple Watch and Apple TV – The Best New Features are as follows

      1. Thanks Gavin…..
        I have considered Pocket Casts but have been holding off hoping Apple would eventually get the message. Maybe it is time to say “sod it Apple”!

        My workaround currently is to use Settings/Accessability/Zoom and turn on both the Controller and Zoom mode. You can then use the scale on the controller to fine tune the zoom size instead of the ‘three finger manoeuvre’.
        It works but annoying having to do this every time I watch a video podcast.


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