Apple Watch versus FitBit Charge HR – Editorial

Last year I wrote a review on the FitBit Charge HR using it with MyFitnessPal. My review is here –

I used my FitBit Charge HR to monitor my sleep, activity and compete with a few friends to keep me motivated. I also linked my FitBit with MyFitnessPal to coordinate the food intake with my fitness and weight loss. The two pieces of technology together were very successful and a joy to use.

Both FitBit and MyFitnessPal have updated their software to provide a better experience. However, since last year the Apple Watch has arrived and I have linked this up to MyFitnessPal as well.

After several months I will update you with my thoughts on whether the Apple Watch really is a decent fitness device that takes on FitBit and the FitBit Charge HR. My goal is weight loss.

Now don’t scream at the screen and say they are different devices and prices. Of course they are but I want to try and document my thoughts in this process.

Keep tuned and have a good weekend.


4 thoughts on “Apple Watch versus FitBit Charge HR – Editorial

  1. Now this I must read…….. I have been using the Apple Watch daily (Longest Move 141 days) with fitness being one of its main uses.
    My friend has a FitBit device and he tells me to ditch the watch and get the FitBit!

    I have told him countless times the watch has many more uses other than fitness so ditching is not an option.
    However, I could be interested in wearing the FitBit on my other arm IF and only if it does indeed provide more of what I need.

    Thanks Gavin, I look forward to reading your views. 🙂


  2. Interested in your views Gavin, I swapped the HR for an Apple Watch on release. I am a bit of an Apple fan, but the Watch is terrible, interface, Apps are too slow. I’m sure we wouldn’t put up with this from any other manufacturer. Thinking about the Microsoft band 2 or Basis Peak as an alternative. Cheers, Ian

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    1. That is a shame Ian. I have absolutely no problems with my watch. Besides the fitness it updates all information to me timely and correctly. It was great the other night when out with friends when all of a sudden SkyGuide showed me a map of the earth with the time, angle and heading of the ISS. Looking at the watch we were able to easily find the station.
      I wouldn’t be without my watch for so many reasons.

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  3. I love my Apple Watch, it’s clearly a first gen product. We all have to remember the iPhone 1, no App Store or 3G. The iPad, no retina, very heavy and sluggish. The Apple Watch is much more polished than its siblings first attempts but I will admit Apple need to sort the speed of opening apps which I’m sure will be sorted in the second gen. Fitbit is a great product for the price but it’s ugly and designed for one thing. The watch has a multitude of uses it does everything the Fitbit does (barring the sleep tracking), it has apps some very useful, it’s a fashion piece and I use it daily to pay for things with Apple Pay a guaranteed conversation starter. I’m very excited for April which is the month tipped that Apple will unveil the second gen!


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