Nexus 6P – First Impressions


So my Nexus 6P 128gb Frost White arrived yesterday. It is a big device.


From left to right, Huawei G8, Nexus 6P, iPhone 6S Plus, Sony Z5 Compact and a BlackBerry. I do wonder if we have lost the plot on screen sizes now?

The Nexus 6P has stereo front speakers and a new USB C cable.



I was disappointed to find only 111gb free of the 128gb model. Clearly despite being hardcore android the firmware is large. As a comparison the 128gb iPhone 6S Plus has 113gb free out of the box but does include loads more apps.


Despite the space available, I can’t see myself running out any day soon. So what do I like and what don’t I like ?

As first impressions, the frosted white is fantastically beautifully amazing choice of colour. I am so pleased I didn’t opt for aluminium or black. There are 2 cables in the box, one is USB C to USB A but so short it is a joke. The USB C to USB C cable is an ideal length. Suddenly, I realised I have no compatible cables and charging in the car and around the house is an issue until I get more USB C cables. I found a good selection of USB Type C Cables and Adapters on Amazon

The phone feels premium but is not that comfortable to hold as it is big. The Nexus 5X was much easier and more comfortable to grip in the hand. The fingerprint sensor works really well, but when the phone is face up on the table, its no use at all. Apple and Samsung and even Sony have the sensor is a more suitable location.

The camera. I have tried some random shots just to get an idea of its standard. It takes good shots but as to how good the quality of the camera is will only be established after I have had and more time and dry weather to take more photos. So far it took 3 indoor low light shots to get 1 shot to be better than that from the iPhone 6S Plus. My iPhone only needed one shot to get it right first time. The Sony Z5 Compact also only needed one shot. However, don’t read too much into this at the moment, as I need to understand the quirks of the phone and I will also see what can be achieved using third party camera apps. More soon.

Screen. I don’t like the screen. It feels muted except for watching films etc when it looks great. Add to the fact there are stereo speakers and it is a lovely media player. I will test for audio quality later as well.

And before I sign off, the highlight of the phone is its running pure android. That is a benefit to ensure you get the latest updates to the firmware, but it is also bland. Huawei’s EMUI and Xiaomi’s skins do add a lot of extra features. So it ultimately boils down to what your preferences are.

7 thoughts on “Nexus 6P – First Impressions

  1. True……..I only consider these things coz often I keep my phones in my back pocket and have occasionally jumped in my car and sat down whilst forgetting the phone. Still, the S6 passed his bend test which is my latest phone.


  2. 17gb already used does seem like a lot when you consider that it’s pure Android. Samsung are often accused of packing their phones with bloatware but my 64gb S6 came with ‘only’ 10gb used. I wonder how much Marshmallow needs?


  3. One question I’m having a hard time answering.

    How bad is the omission of OIS on the 6p ?

    I can see hdr+ does an amazing job by taking shots at a faster shutter and averaging them. This means a slower shot to shot time. So if you need to take more in quick succession. Hdr+ isn’t ideal. No hdr+ and the lack of ois becomes more pronounced.

    That’s as far as I got.


    1. I was very busy yesterday, so was short of time to respond properly. The 1.55 microns do help. Overall its a good camera but based on photos I have taken and not shared yet, it could be so much better. It has a lot of potential.


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