Sony Xperia Z5 Compact – Camera shots from the 23mp sensor

Everybody seems obsessed nowadays with the camera quality from a smartphone. With the Sony Z5 Compact this is even more the case as DxOmark gave it the number 1 rating out of every smartphone. So is the camera really that good?

Well, these are some random shots I have taken over the weekend. These were just quick snaps. Some low light shots as well at the end. If you want to see full size, click on the photo. So are these amazing quality photos?

Finally just a quick thanks to Clove Technology who sent the phone. Currently comes with a free pair of headphones.


The above shot is at night of the visitors centre in Princetown.


Even more challenging is the local church as their is no lights to help focus.

My Bone #Tiggy #HappyDog #SonyZ5Compact

Above a portrait of one of my dogs Tiggy.

Below are 3 of the photos using Timeshift Burst.

Timeshift Burst examples from #SonyZ5Compact

Timeshift Burst examples from #SonyZ5Compact

Timeshift Burst examples from #SonyZ5Compact

Greenery Macro #SonyZ5Compact

Above just some random close up of a plant.

Below are random shots of my local church.

Scenes around the Church of St Michaels and All Angels, Princetown #SonyZ5Compact

Scenes around the Church of St Michaels and All Angels, Princetown #SonyZ5Compact

Scenes around the Church of St Michaels and All Angels, Princetown #SonyZ5Compact

Scenes around the Church of St Michaels and All Angels, Princetown #SonyZ5Compact

So what do you think? For some extra background behinds these photos, these are the very first shots I took from the camera so I have not even looked at the manual options yet.

Below are shots from my second attempt at using the camera.

Doggies charging around on Dartmoor #SonyZ5Compact #TimeshiftBurstMode

Beautiful views around Staple Tor, Dartmoor #SonyZ5Compact

Beautiful views around Staple Tor, Dartmoor #SonyZ5Compact

If you want to see all 25 shots taken with the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, click HERE.

My thanks again to Clove Technology.


16 thoughts on “Sony Xperia Z5 Compact – Camera shots from the 23mp sensor

  1. I’m not convinced that the Z5 camera is that good. Compared with your iPhone pics they look a lot grainier, especially on the action shots. And I’m not just talking about when you zoom in but at standard resolution. I felt the same way after trying one out in a local phone shop. I don’t think it’s bad but just that others seem noticeably better. It makes the DxOmark rating seem meaningless to me.


    1. The action shots are non zoomable as I used timeshift burst. Takes over 30 shots in a second. But they do capture action. I still have to explore using that mode vs just pressing the shutter and vs manual sports mode. Timeshift Burst file sizes are 300kb approx. What you see is the final framed shot. For quality you need to look at the other shots, check Flickr album too. Then decide.

      The Z5 auto focus is very fast. It also has an option for object tracking. Remember this is only the second time I have used the phone, so learning the different modes. Still if you dont like the non action shots, that is fair enough. Also I was walking my dogs not doing a full camera test 😀😀


      1. That makes more sense now. I’d missed the reference to Timeshift burst mode. I still think that the iPhone is better in the other shots.

        Did you read the comments after Android Authority did a blind test using the Z5, iPhone 6S, Note 5 and G4? Readers voted iPhone the best and then tried to backtrack from accepting the result. Very funny reading.


      2. Yes I did see that article. The error was they left exif data in the photos too so it was easy to be biased lol. I displayed the burst shots on my TV and they looked OK. All depends what you want to do.


  2. There is nothing to get excited, the camera has a bug in optics and strongly SONY sharpens to hide it. Look at these photos at 100% magnification especially 1/6 portion of the left side of each image, note the grass and the trees.
    I did a test card printed with grid and you can see the problem with geometry and loss of focus exactly on the left.


    1. Not every z5 has that issue. Mercifully, mine does not. There is loss of definition at the out edges due to the barrelling of the lens. It’s annoying but it’s to be expected. It can also be fixed with software and I am sure that Sony is already working on that.


  3. Thank you Gavin – a nice array of shots. Comparing the iPhone and the z5 shots, the lack of resolution/processing issues of the iPhone shots become apparent. In comparison, just looking at the grass, the iPhone detailing seems jagged and somewhat artificial, to my eye. The Xperia, on the other hand, looks more natural. Were your shots 20mp or 8mp?

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  4. TimeShift Burst is nothing but a 1 second vidoe record of 1080p.
    The phone can record in this resolution at 30 or 60fps and this app is doing it using 60fps. Hence, you have 60 pictures to select from this one second, unfortunately, as original record, it is only 1080p = 2MPx pic.


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