Apple TV 4th Gen- 30 Hidden Secrets/Tips of the new Remote Control and Box

Apple last week released their new Apple TV. And with the new box came a new remote control. The remote control has many more features than you might have released. Below are a list of them all –

– Unsure what you can ask Siri, press the Siri button and wait and a list of commands will appear.
– Dedicated volume buttons which will work with your TV and / or receiver out of the box. The settings can be tweaked via the settings app, remotes and devices, home theatre control.
– The volume buttons can be programmed using the hidden infra red blaster to control the volume on TV’s and other devices that don’t support the HDMI-CEC protocol.
– To programme the infra red blaster, go to the Apple TV settings app, remote and devices, volume control and learn a new device. Just follow the instructions.
– Double Press the Home button brings up the app switcher / close apps menu.
– Press the Menu button twice to start the screensaver, three times for voiceover.
– Apple TV network strength is displayed in Settings under General, About.
– Move around the screen: Swipe up, down, left, or right on the Touch surface.
– Select an item: Press the Touch surface.
– Return to the previous menu: Press the Menu button.
– Return to the Home screen: Press the Home button.
– Press the Play/Pause button once to change the keyboard between uppercase and lowercase.
– The touch surface can be adjusted for sensitivity in the Settings app under Remotes and Devices, Touch Surface Tracking
– The triple-press Home button accessibility short cut can be changed in the Settings app under General – Accessibility, Accessibility Shortcut.
– The battery level is listed in Settings, Remotes and Devices, Bluetooth.
– Video: Swipe to the right or hold down the right side of the Touch surface.
– Audio: Hold down the right side of the Touch surface to fast-forward. Press right to skip a selection.
– Video: Swipe to the left or hold down the left side of the Touch surface.
– Audio: Hold down the left side of the Touch surface to rewind. Press left to restart a selection. To play the previous selection, press left twice.
– During playback, press the right side of the Touch surface to skip ten seconds ahead. Press left to skip back ten seconds.
– Video: Swipe down during playback, then swipe right to browse available options. If available, you’ll see settings like subtitles, closed captioning, video chapters, audio, and speaker settings.
– Audio: Choose a song and press to play it. Then press the Touch surface to see all of the tracks on the album or playlist. From here, swipe up and select the More icon at the top of your screen. The options you see might vary.
– Restart Apple TV: Hold down the Menu and Home buttons until the status light on your Apple TV begins to flash. Then let go.
– Put Apple TV in Sleep mode: Press and hold the Home button, then select Sleep. You can also go to Settings, scroll down, and select Sleep Now. This can also turn put your TV in standby.
– To move the position of an app, position over it and hold down the touch surface until the icon starts to jiggle. Then using the touchpad area of the remote swipe left, right, up or down to move the app, and press the touch surface once more to finish.
– The touch surface can detect faster swipes, so that a faster swipes results in faster on-screen scrolling.
– Move over any letter on the keyboard and hold down the touch surface to bring up a contextual menu, which includes uppercase letters, accents and a backspace key.
– Move over a song and hold down the touch surface to bring up a contextual menu, which includes various Apple Music options.
– Save money on film and TV rentals/purchases if your select Standard Definition quality in Settings, Apps, iTunes and App, iTunes. You also will suffer less buffering on a slower bandwidth.

I must admit I was quite surprised by all the options I discovered using the new Apple TV and remote. I also have found it annoying as seem to move or pick up the new remote and accidentally press the track pad area, which switches from normal TV to Apple TV when I don’t want it to.

Apple has activated Top Charts section for Apple TV apps and the official Plex app has arrived.


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