Apple TV has arrived – Which storage option to buy 32gb or 64gb? – Opinion


Just like that at around lunchtime in the UK, the new Apple TV became available to order. Two storage options are available – 32gb or 64gb. So which do you buy? Apple states –

“If you plan to use your Apple TV primarily to stream films, TV programmes and music, or to play a few apps and games, you’ll probably be fine with 32GB of storage. If you plan to download and use lots of apps and games, choose the 64GB configuration.1 Keep in mind when making your decision, that some apps, when in use, do require additional storage.”

Another factor is the price. £129 and £169 respectively. The 3rd generation is available for £59. In fact, if you have a 2nd generation it is worth more second hand than the 3rd generation as you can jailbreak it and extend its functionality.

£129 or £169 is rather pricey too. Also note there is no HDMI cable in the box. Make sure you get the latest type with HDMI v2.0. With this new box there is no optical out socket.

So what makes the Apple TV worth the extra. Its the first new Apple TV box for years. It has a new remote control, Siri integration and apps. Is it worth buying? Hard to say at the moment as apps have not appeared yet and Siri will need testing.

For me I still want to be able to login to my iTunes US account, stream without buffering and see how good the new apps and games. I will pass some feedback in due course on my experience.

What are your thoughts?


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