Apple’s Q4 Earnings – Full Summary And Tit Bits along with My Opinion 

The key facts –

– Apple made $51.5 billion in revenue equating to $11.1 billion in net profit. 

Do you really need to know any more? The above numbers alone are staggeringly amazing. Last year Apple reported $42.1 billion in revenue and a net profit of just $8.5 billion. So that’s an increase of 22%. 

– 5.7 million macs sold up 3% from last year
– 48 million iPhones sold
– 9.9 million iPads sold. A decrease from previous quarters. 
– $3 billion in other sales which includes the Apple Watch. 
– Revenue for the fiscal year was a record $234 billion. 
– Gross margin up at 39.9%. 
– Apple now has $205 billion in cash in the bank
– Android users converted at their highest rate to date of 30%. 
– Apple exited the quarter with iPhone demand outstripping supply
– iOS 9 is on track to be downloaded by more users than any software release in Apple’s history
– Apple is partnering with American Express to bring Apple Pay to customers in “key global markets” in Australia and Canada this year, expanding to Spain, Singapore and Hong Kong in 2016.
– More than 50 brands are working on HomeKit-enabled accessories.
– iOS News app is “off to a great start,” with nearly 40 million people reading (Gavin’s Gadgets is on Apple News too – click here to add – )
– Total iPhone sales were up 120 percent in mainland China.
– Apple Watch – more than 13,000 apps are available for Apple Watch, with 1,300 of those native apps for watchOS 2.
– Apple Watch was available at almost 5,000 stores in 32 countries by the end of the quarter.
– Apple had a “huge” first day of sales for the fourth-generation Apple TV
– iPad Pro is on track to begin shipping in November.
– Over 15 million individual and family accounts are currently using Apple Music, including 6.5 million paying customers.
– Services revenue reached an all-time high in the September quarter of $5.1 billion, up 10 percent, mainly due to strong growth from apps.
– App Store revenue was up 127 percent year over year in China.
– App Store business grew 25 percent last quarter.
– Apple estimates that enterprise markets represented about $25 billion in revenue for Apple over the last 12 months, up 40 percent year over year.

It doesn’t matter how you cut these figures, the results are mighty impressive. Apple is moving into the holiday period with sales of new iPhones, new iPad Mini 4 and iPad Pro, new Apple TV, and revenue from all its services. The Apple Watch is widely available and will undoubtedly be bought as a Xmas gift.



5 thoughts on “Apple’s Q4 Earnings – Full Summary And Tit Bits along with My Opinion 

  1. Impressive but worrying as well. Apple stuff is expensive and there must be a limit to how a household can afford on kit and services from one company.


    1. How do you mean worrying? I don’t understand this Jah. Are you implying its too much for people to buy in a home?

      From a financial perspective I don’t know what more Apple can do. I do think there sales will shrink slightly over time once all their markets are saturated with new products, then it will be all about the services as well.


      1. For example schools. I don’t have children at school but I have heard of schools that required parents to provide ipad not just standard tablets. So I can see these children then wanting other Apple products….surely schools should think about the financial impact on families.


      2. I see where you’re firing from but I don’t agree Jah. I have 4 kids and none of the schools require an “ipad”. And I don’t know of any that do anywhere in my area and other areas. However, it would not surprise me if a few schools do require this, but a) what is wrong with this and b) I imagine this is more upmarket schools and c) if it aides educations then whats wrong with that.

        As to Apple lust and kids wanting more of the brand, nobody forces anyone to buy Apple. Hence why £50 Amazon Fire tablets are selling like hotcakes.

        Also brands like Samsung have exactly the same ethos. Sell expensive, sell to the upper end. In fact Samsung is re-aligning its strategies to focus on the top end more going forward. Just look at the pricing of the new Samsung phones. They are in iPhone pricing.

        If Apple weren’t so dominant it would simply be another brand. Also if their gear was crap, nobody would buy them.


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