Apple iCloud – Some Extra Balance

Yesterday, I posted an article cursing iCloud Photos and iTunes Match. I thought it only fair to add some balance of my views, covering the rest of Apple’s iCloud services plus to offer some feedback from your own experiences.

Firstly, with regards to using iCloud for anything else, I have no qualms. It all works rather smoothly and that is a reassuring position. So that includes contacts, calendar, notes, reminders, pages and all the third party apps using iCloud.

Most of the feedback agreed with the previous paragraph. With regards to iCloud Photos the opinions varied from, “its a life saver and works really well for me” and “it seems for large libraries it can be problematic”. If it works for you, then it is one less service to worry about as iCloud is tightly integrated into iOS 9.

So despite one month of issues, I now have a smooth iPhone 6S Plus and really am enjoying using it.


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